07 May 2021, 18:59

Finished Day 22 around 6pm

I did a couple of livestreams on Instagram yesterday. (I downloaded and copied them to Youtube so you don’t have to log in to view them.)

Water pouring into rice fields


Great talking to Eddie a bit on his way to get his kids.


APA Hotel Tsubamesanjo Ekimae is really the best I have used this walk in terms of price per ameneties.

Private bath, bed, TV with free VOD including adult content, plus a larger than micro sized toothpaste, and a nice toothbrush with soft bristles. Just 3700 yen. Nice.

Day 22 was

Walk 14km from Mitsuke English Garden to APA Hotel Tsubamesanjo Ekimae

07 May 2021, 11:37

little house on the river

Is this a way out outhouse?

2021 may 06 looks like an outhouse out in the middle of fields

In any case, it’s right above the water.

2021 may 06 if so it dumps right into the river

(The door was locked 🔒)

07 May 2021, 11:27


These doors would have to be paper light for these door stoppers to have a chance of actually stopping them if they really opened.

2021 may 06 two huge doors vs two little stoppers

07 May 2021, 11:22

junk behind a shed

Stereo equipment and other discarded junk

2021 may 06 junked equipment

07 May 2021, 10:49


Okay it’s decided then, we will call it SUPER CENTER PLANT 5. Everyone in agreement?

2021 may 06 super center plant 5

07 May 2021, 10:39

go straight 14 km

Next destination is essentially straight for 14 km.

2021 may 06 walk straight along the tracks

06 May 2021, 17:46

Finished Day 21 in record time

Before I started walking, Jason H described a simple 4 steps to adapting to any stressful situation. I think I am in the last stage now; I have just come to realize walking is my life. Nothing can be done to change it. Just walk walk walk.

I felt quite hot and tired by the end of today. Not a drop of rain in sight, and plenty of sun, so I am glad I put on sunscreen before I started out at 7am. I arrived at the hotel about 2:30pm, so 7.5 hours walking 17.5 kilometers (according to Google Maps)

2021 may 06 day 21 walk map

Walk 15km from 旅館 竹花屋 to Mitsuke English Garden

06 May 2021, 15:23

Pictures from Day Twenty One

Leaving the hotel this morning around 7am

2021 may 06 miauchi station

Two manhole covers with same design at different sizes. I may have posted a large size version somewhere.

2021 may 06 medium sized cover 2021 may 06 small cover same design

Bicycle wheel themed bicycle parking

2021 may 06 bicycle wheel themed bicycle parking

Went through a tunnel that apparently gets flooded at times.

2021 may 06 water flood depth indicators

Saw a turtle in a river

2021 may 06 red eared slider

turtle without zoom

2021 may 06 red eared slider way down there

Also saw an orange in a river

2021 may 06 orange you floating by

Curious loops on wires a I guess to keep birds off them

2021 may 06 no birds on these wires

Saw a rather large ratsnake I encountered before crossing Kariyata River. He was quite chill.

2021 may 06 François playing dead near snake

Wow I was back there a few days ago..

2021 may 06 mountains still back there

Curious that these huge heavy plates are being held down by a backhoe

2021 may 06 make sure these dont blow away

Brand name

2021 may 06 corona logo on building

05 May 2021, 20:53

Finished Walking Day 20

It’s now nearly 4am Thursday 6 May 2021 (according to my computer). To my feet and legs, it’s early on Walkday. My brain knows it is now Day 21, but this entry is about Day 20:

I did not take many pictures on Day 20, compared to other days. Photographs seem to happen more in the morning, but as I get tireder and tireder from walking, the pictures taper off as I’m like bah, who cares about seeing more flowers that are not really differentiatable from other pics I have taken.

Day 20 things:

  • saw a two car train and tried to take a video but realized later I apparently did not hit record until after the train went by.
  • saw species of little yellow flowers that I had not seen before
  • talked to Brian in Corpus for about an hour while sharing stories of mapping. Very fun talking with him as we have similar senses of humor.
    1. “everything was going fine until I talked to those guys in Corpus”
    1. “here’s your diploma!” after walking through flowerbed on campus
  • almost recorded Joetsu Line shinkansen, albiet far away
  • Surprised to see Doge is up to 77 yen, and has gone up 11000% just in 2021.
  • Installed Folding@Home and signed up for the Doge team https://www.dogecoinfah.com/doc/gettingstarted.html#getstarted on my laptop and on my Vultr server (pinning its CPU to 100% (up from 4% over the past years))
  • Nearly weaned myself off aidungeon.io, helped by the response “The AI doesn’t know what to say. Alter, undo, or try again.”
  • Walked across Shinano River with water pouring through Myokan Weir, a word I did not know the meaning.

Day 20 was:

  • Day Twenty (Wednesday May 5th *) 1 part:
    Walk 13km, From Ojiya Park Hotel To 旅館 竹花屋 (310km walked so far)

Walk 13km from Ojiya Park Hotel to 旅館 竹花屋

05 May 2021, 14:11

favorite pudding at a dairy shop

I was attracted by the restroom sign icon and then realized the shop sells my favorite pudding, so I am Chilling at a dairy shop with 3km left to walk today..

2021 may 04 map of dairy shop location