10 Aug 2020, 16:24

delays heading home

We got rerouted by the navigation system and then when it was time to get back on the tollway, CE recognized it as the one that requires an electronic card which they don’t yet have. That added some bonus time to our trip haha ☺️

Now we are back on the tollway via an entrance that accepts cash

10 Aug 2020, 06:51

dream missing pickle

I had logged every ingredient of every hamburger I had eaten over the past year and at one point I noticed that there was not a pickle in the hamburger. at the time I didn't do anything about it because it's just one pickle and I didn't care, but I wondered from the management point of view would they want to know that someone hadn't added a pickle to the hamburger?

I got the chance to talk to management on time and it had only been a couple of weeks since the missing pickle incident, and I went back through my papers to show them the documentation but for some reason even after going through my papers wanted a time I couldn't find the particular one that had the missing1.5 grams.

After a while, giving up on finding that particular piece of paper, I told them what had happened and posed my question "is it better to ignore it or better to let them know that there's a pickle missing?"

The manager said I certainly deserved to receive what I paid for oh, so I could certainly ask to get a new pickle.

10 Aug 2020, 01:18

huge great day

Lin and I joined CE for Italian food next to a lake and then wondered about a building with a second floor entrance for boats.

Went to buy some snacks that Lin’s sister wants but they weren’t available. Lin headed home and I started with CE as we went to see summer monkeys (snow monkeys in the summer).

Bought some small apple trees and then had dinner at their favorite local restaurant, featuring four cheese pizza and teriyaki chicken pizza.

Back at their place for drinking and music: NIN broken, then The Downward Spiral, then Pig Sinsation.

1:01am and bedtime.

09 Aug 2020, 18:44

fun summer monkey day

We are just cooling down after sitting in the onsen at hotel nearish the snow monkey area.

No snow now in August, but we got to see lots of baby monkeys, which I described as fuzzy gymnasts, tumbling wrestling climbing falling all over the place and each other.

One cool thing was getting to see the staff throwing apples all over the place as the monkeys chased the apples which split upon impact against the rocks because they had been cut halfway in half.

They apparently feed apples to the monkeys in this way at the same time once each day at the very end of the time the park is open.

I asked the guy who why the monkeys didn’t just run away and he said it was calculated that this area was so far away that they wouldn’t move the entire group to a new area. Thanks to C for translating.

2020 aug 09 baby monkeys 2020 aug 09 barefoot monkeys 2020 aug 09 feeding monkeys 2020 aug 09 francois at hells onsen 2020 aug 09 summer onsen monkeys 2020 aug 09 tossing apples

09 Aug 2020, 05:59

dream climbing cars

Seeing transactions from a meta level as I climbed different levels of a parking lot to see what parts of the houses underneath it that I didn't understand, I saw a man who had had the same assets but wasn't willing to talk to his sons why he had lost the assets. His sons were simply curious and he was getting so angry like "stop asking me."

Climbing down through some rubber padding and bright orange security ribbon, I planned to go tell my instructor what I discovered and woke up.

09 Aug 2020, 01:05

great time with CE

It’s past midnight as I write this. CE have been showing us a great time here in their town. We saw cool waterfalls and even got to meet CJ who captured snapshot and video footage from their drones.

We ate at a nice restaurant; gyoza, salad, charcoaled shrimp, charcoaled beef with miso. I resisted getting ice cream at the end.

C filled my empty ice cream stomach with tasty beverages as she bartended for us at a lakeside resort. We met CM with whom E exchanged business cards in a smooth way. I’m glad my pen could support that!

Speaking of my pen, my to-do book got a bit wet today near the waterfalls when I slipped while trying to hurry back.

Great fun bouncing on the suspension bridges.

2020 aug 08 francois at naena waterfall sign 2020 aug 08 francois at nojiri lake resort

08 Aug 2020, 13:28

gotta get my driver's license

After moving to Tokyo, I fell in love with the trains. No flat tires, no maintenance, no insurance / inspection / oil change / tire change / expensive leaky gaskets allll outsourced to professionals.

So I didn’t worry when my driver’s license expired.

Lin loves to drive. Right now we are stopped in a rest area where she is sleeping for a quick power nap. If I had my license, we could be still on our way as I take some of the cognitive load off Lin’s shoulders.

But dang, 350,000 yen is steep.

08 Aug 2020, 13:21

walked ten kilometers this morning 710am

I walked over 10 kilometers this morning, from our house to our main station ShinYurigaoka, to Yomiuriland, then (for the first time) down the back stairs under the gondola lines all the way to Keio Yomiuriland Mae station.

It took less than three hours, and I could easily imagine walking that twice in one day. Therefore walking 400 kilometers to Niigata could be done in three weeks.

I got home just in time to rest a bit and then do Design Your Day workshop.

08 Aug 2020, 13:06

headed to CE's

Lin and I are headed to CE’s cabin in Nagano today. our start was somewhat delayed because I forgot to load one of Lin’s bags into the car. but the good news is that I got to go see Yomiuriland three times today.

Speaking of Three, I looked for playing cards in the rest area and they had some.. but for 750 yen, I was like, nope! The rest area was as crowded as I imagine it would be on a normal summer day. There was not any particular effort made to do social distancing, and about 20% of the people were not wearing masks.

08 Aug 2020, 04:11

designed a solitaire game: threes

Lin’s mom has been playing a game of solitaire in which if she tries to put all the cards into pairs. Because her target is to put all the cards in pairs she ends up spending most of the time shuffling so that she doesn’t have the pairs automatically there.

In my head, I just designed a game of solitaire that will shuffle the cards for her and not use the number four, which means death in Japanese.

The target of Threes is to put all of the cards into ordered collection stacks per suit. Spades’ order will be Ace through King. The three other suits will be ordered King through Ace.

Starting with the deck face down, take the top three cards off the deck and turn them face-up in a mini stack. If the top card is an Ace of Spades or any of the three King cards, put that card into a collection stack according to the suit.

If the next visible card in the mini stack is numerically adjacent to the top card in its suit’s collection stack, put it on its appropriate stack.

In the much more likely case that no cards can go onto any of the collection stacks, take the top three cards off the upside down deck and place them on the mini upright stack.

If the next visible card in the mini stack is numerically adjacent to the top card in its suit’s collection stack, put it on its appropriate stack.

Repeat this process, essentially looking at every third card to see if it is next in the order of its particular suit. You can go through the deck three times this way. If you end up with all the cards laid out in order per suit, you win; if not, you lose.