03 Jan 2020, 20:00

Great day in Hiroshima with Lin, Ma, and Madeleiene

Lin and I are on the shinkansen headed home as Ma and Madeleiene have an extra night in Hiroshima. It seems we didn’t plan things too smartly; they barely have time tomorrow to do anything, but we had a big full day today going to Miyajima and the Peace Memorial Museum.

I hadn’t been to Miyajima before, though janette and I had intended to go when we were here some 15 years ago. Our schedule got delayed so we decided to skip it and travel around the city a bit more. Great fun times!

Anyway, this time, the big red gate thing is under renovation so we enjoyed the deer and chilled in a bengal cat cafe.

I bought a ticket for myself to go into the Peace Museum, but bounced out after the first room. All those feels are more than I wanted to feel so I was like “peace out!”

I joined Lin on a park bench overlooking the river.

02 Jan 2020, 11:19

met Sanae and Elena while leaving Naoshima

We had seen Sanae last night, eating alone at dinner. She came up to me while I was drawing on 30 A4s. We talked and boom turns out she lives at the next express station from Lin and I. Nice! I look forward to hanging out with her more once we get back home.

We had seen Elena as well; she and her peeps are in from Spain. I was able to say encantado to her as I gave her my card. Elena and her peeps are on the same ferry as us as we leave Naoshima.

The picture I plan to put here is not of Naoshima, but an adjacent island.

13:15 Thursday 02 January 2020 JST

Yowza what an exciting phone call I got from Sanae, just hours after meeting her. She found Francois on the ferry; I had apparently left him there!!

Magically delicious synchronicity to have him in safe hands. We will meet in Machida sooner than later where I will buy lunch for Sanae and talk with her about eye gazing and art workshops.

02 Jan 2020, 07:40

the point of my art

One of the photographers whose work is here wants to point out that every sea horizon looks the same around the world.

A different artist showed that most of the soldiers forced to cheer about going to war were not actually happy about it.

Another piece showed that we are all connected and all our cultures together make art.

Well, 8 years ago I lost my art mojo because one guy was like, “if you don’t know what your art expresses, you will never be successful.” or some crap like that. Well, I just figured out what my art expresses, and it is in line with the work I do in personal growth through emotional awareness.

Every individual sees things differently

This is a fundamental truth because individual means separate from the whole, and if one is separate, one is distinct, different, and away from the whole. If one is separate, one is elsewhere, and has a different perspective, a different history, a different belief system, a different point of view, a different personal story, a different fear, a different joy, a different sadness, a different way of perceiving things.

Everyone is unique.

From there, it is a tiny leap to realize everyone is precious; every one has their gift or offering to the world around them. Everyone has their own unique connection to the source of life. I here I ought not talk about god and spirit here but that is the point. God is one and each individual is an expression of god in his or her own way.

God dwells in me as me.

31 Dec 2019, 23:10

Francois around town HNY before 2020

2019 dec francois momochari 2019 dec francois gatey art 2019 dec francois curvy art 2019 dec francois on wall 2019 dec francois sharp art 2019 dec francois purple flower 2019 dec francois blurry art 2019 dec francois has fish

30 Dec 2019, 23:13

late on penultimate night of the decade

We are in Okayama tonight, staying in a hotel near the station.

We went shopping for some art supplies for me, and I bought a pad of 30 A4 pages, which I plan to make a series of pieces that bleed into each other, so like the top page will have some lines with dots that bleed through to the next page which will use those dots as guides for lines which subsequently bleed into the next page.

I am not sure how it will go, but sounds fun!

Right now I am at the stage of too tired to write consistently and yet I keep wanting to finish the entry in my head.

I am likely to install Monica, available from https://monicahq.com because I keep thinking I want a way to recall who I have invited to my workshops this coming year.

Oh, so far, so good with https://complice.co; I have been using it for about a week now, I guess.

29 Dec 2019, 22:36

Sorting out the sorting of images of my art


In MediaWiki, I want a gallery of images from a certain category, sorted by most recent first. (I am hoping to use MediaWiki core instead of relying on extensions.)

I tagged images with Category:Art so can now display a “gallery” of the images with the category listing.

I still want to sort the images in this category by most recent first.

Per this answer I tried using the date as sort key for the images in my category, but the images are still in order by oldest first.

One solution would be to reverse the sort order of the category listing.

I see $wgCategoryCollation, but even with Numeric sorting, it cannot sort things in reverse.

Another option would be to filter by category the Gallery of New Files but there is apparently no built-in way to do that.

Is there a built-in way to show a filtered set of images, most recent first?

28 Dec 2019, 22:45

Ma and Maddy in Japan

(written 22:45 Sunday 29 December 2019 JST)

yay Ma and Madeleine are in Japan! We are headed to Okayama tomorrow.

10:57 Monday 30 December 2019 JST

On train to Okayama now

Maddy is telling us about her work in prisons


change your mindset; change the game.

thorasic surgery via machine or person

exercising in college just getting stronger

women who works in hotels (cleaning). How much exercise do you get? (none). split the groups.

Group A: your work qualifies. lost weight, better health

Group B: your work does not qualify. no change

blood sample story (greentext)

be me “These milkshakes low calorie” drink milkshake. no change next week “These milkshakes high calorie” drink milkshake get fat mfw actually same milkshake

look up Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome

27 Dec 2019, 21:28

today, complice, Mark, plans, Fran and Pat

During work today, I cleaned up my draft which I had transcribed via voice before.

(And I just added a draft at the bottom about my two best friends, Fran and Pat, who I have given genderless names because of reasons.)

After work today, I called Mark and realized I was sad about work. He listened well and asked some good questions. One question ticked me off “where do you like to hang out?” and I was like bah because I don’t hang out anywhere, but I felt into it a bit and came up with some answers.

I soon had the idea of going to the old Japanese house park tomorrow to go talk to the old guys there and find out more about the houses. This will be the footwork so to speak for leading some barefoot workshops there.

Mark even said they have a tie dying thing there sometimes so we can hopefully work that into some kind of program. Awesome!

27 Dec 2019, 09:43

Scrambling a bit but still time to meditate

I gotta head to TY today; I think I might quit working there. It’s not paying enough to be worth it.. hmmm

Messing around with GDScript at the moment. Trying to use the concept of dependency injection to send all the values through instead of assuming stuff. This comes from what I learned from http://mlaphp.com/

I meditated for 15 minutes this morning after Lughn reminded me the value of meditating daily. Two days in a row so far!

Oh, and I started using https://complice.co again.

26 Dec 2019, 23:39

Met with Deneys today about copywriting

Deneys had great questions for me to help get the proverbial juices flowing as I struggle with the idea of how to explain what I do in my business. He gave me the suggestion to just bang it out, which now sounds weird, but it worked. I spent a bit over an hour speaking what I didn’t want to write out by hand. I will do a pass over it first to account for mistranscriptions, but hereby promise not to do any major editing of this rough draft