10 Oct 2019, 13:42


DeeDee has something called TheraTapper. Very interesting. I think it would augment my meditation.

10 Oct 2019, 13:10

Great lunch with Nico

Nico and I went to Kroger for lunch at the salad bar area, which is next to a cheese island where a woman named Karina was working. She is apparently a native Spanish speaker, but does not spell her name as “Carina.”

Nico and I are back in the house now and he has just been practicing how to say “Howdy Y’all” and got a cheer from the crowd when he got it just perfect.

It makes me think of Tomoko.

10 Oct 2019, 11:07

Great facilitation with Rachel

(written 13:07 Thursday 10 October 2019 CDT)

Nice nice so nice awesome first time to do facilitation during ShadowWork Basic Facilitation Training. This is the first container I have been in that I have been in with women facilitators as my peers. Quite a different experience for me.

Rachel and I facilitated first today, facilitating our courageous person who was willing to be the first participant.

09 Oct 2019, 22:44


Today was the last day of training, so tomorrow starts the first day of practice. Rachel and I are going first.

Tonight several of us went to Walmart (where I got stickers for Tomoko),

2019 oct 10 francois the snuggle is real 2019 oct 10 francois pillow

then Wendy’s (where DeeDee got five (5) free Frosty coupons because their machine was down (and there were five of us)), then Sonic (to which Nico had never been).

Afterward, best time saying HI to Rachel’s family via Skype equivalent, then singing songs, including Grease “Tell me More”

Falling alspee.

I will just leave that as I am falling asleep.

08 Oct 2019, 21:06

dinner at Japanese sushi restaurant

DeeDee and I joined Nico at the local sushi restaurant. I forgot to bring Francois, but we took a picture of Francois with Lisa’s Leo afterward.

2019 oct 08 francois and leo

08 Oct 2019, 13:46

Francois lunch at Vietnamese place

Lisa, Kim, Rhonda, Tom, DeeDee, and I joined Francois for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant.

2019 oct 08 francois chillin in restaurant 2019 oct 08 francois got a perm 2019 oct 08 francois ready to eat 2019 oct 08 francois taking care of business 2019 oct 08 francois being fed 2019 oct 08 francois fed up 2019 oct 08 francois in disguise

08 Oct 2019, 07:36

Good morning fourth day of ShadowWork BFT

This is the beginning of day four of the 9 day Basic Facilitator Training for ShadowWork.

I cried a bit this morning as I was waking up, thinking about how much shame I have loaded onto myself for so many years. Also tears for how I have hurt people in the past. In my imagination, I wondered about recording the work I do this week. The first questions out of the way (checking for physical limitations or concerns about the environment), I will be asked what I want to have happen here today. I plan to say I want to stop (mentally) sexualizing every (most) relationship(s) I have with women. This behavior does not serve me, and apparently stems from not loving myself enough.

I texted Mark, Christine, and Demi about bringing this work to Tokyo. I should text Rin, Hiro, and Soness as well.

Sonessy!  The training here has been great beyond my expectations.

I think this type of work will be better suited in Japan than the
Mankind Project work I have been doing.

I want to bring some trainers into Japan to lead a ShadowWork weekend.
Both men and women can do the work together, so I believe it will be
easier to find enough people who'd be interested in attending.


I am not yet half way through this training, but I am already thinking
about how I can do the second training and subsequent trainings.

07 Oct 2019, 22:34


Stayed up a bit late talking to Rachel and DeeDee after talking with Nico and DeeDee. Rachel was telling us about her family as we were considering how different patterns may have formed. So great to have sisters doing this kind of work, in addition to having my MKP brothers.

07 Oct 2019, 08:55

dots right

I fixed a problem and the whole site went down.

Why did I not check to see if my fix actually broke the entire site?

That’s what had happened. 1 hour later, I found it. Thank gosh, but dang.

06 Oct 2019, 23:04

Hilariously fun night with DeeDee, Lisa, Nico, Francois, and Rob

Tonight DeeDee drove us downtown to a restaurant that Nico’s friend recommended. Cool synchronicity in that Lisa’s niece works there.

Lots of laughter and the waiter gave a little glass of water to Francois. Later in the evening I tried to give the water to Francois but it spilled on the table.

We played Good Frog, Bad Frog, Ceiling Wall Floor, and the Opposite Game.

I introduced the name Silent Football, but we did not play nor even start the instructions.

I lost my phone promptly after arriving back home (over 2 hours ago), and just as I wrote this, I suddenly realized where it must have been.

When we got out of the car, Lisa went to her car to head home and I dropped all my junk to go hug her. I didn’t see / pick up my phone when I went back to get my stuff and go inside.

I just went outside to that area and found it. bingo.