27 Nov 2019, 06:59


(written 06:59 Wednesday 27 November 2019 JST)

  • Sunday I went to SOGO and found it had been cancelled due to rain! The rain had stopped, and at least four others attended long enough to take a photo. I headed home and they went for a walk in the autumn leaves.

2019 nov 24 SOGO lisa rob sakura   sakura

  • Sunday after no-SOGO, Lin and I went to a car dealership to look at a car she has been ~coveting~ wanting for a while. It’s a teeny bit shorter than her current vehicle, which I have said is too long/big for me to happily drive it in Tokyo, especially backwards when parking at home.

  • On Monday, three potential co-facilitators attended my introduction to ShadowWork®. https://shadowwork.com/ So far, two have expressed interest in practicing further. Yay!

  • Monday night I heard from Kevin that his website had gone down after he switched to DreamPress. Uh oh. The DreamHost guys were able to sort it out pretty quickly. An .htaccess file hadn’t gotten copied over, and I was using a non-standard directory name for the admin directory. Super grateful to Kevin for switching to DreamPress (so I have the DH support to ask if there are problems), and super grateful to DH support for their support with problems!

  • On Tuesday, I spent 4.5 hours working on Marble Track 3. I will probably start spending more time on it; I love the project so much!

  • Tuesday evening at men’s group, Mark facilitated me as I dug down into sadness I felt as a boy for having felt ridiculed for smiling. I had a great smile when talking about Marble Track 3, so I am carrying a marble with me this week as a reminder.

  • Today after Shukoh, I will head to Mikako’s to look at her website and finalize details for my 3rd Eye Gazing Workshop to be held this Saturday. Eye Gazing workshop on Meetup, Facebook

21 Nov 2019, 16:51

so far my closest brush with liquid nitrogen

Today Naoko practiced the English version of her science show starring liquid nitrogen. Standing across the table from her, facing a 1.5 liter beaker of liquid nitrogen was somewhat distracting for me. It was close enough (and deep enough) that I could have dunked my whole hand into it.

I want to play with it and see how different things react. Will my pen shatter if I put it inside and then smush it? How about paper?

Naoko predicted the pen might shatter, but that paper would be largely unaffected unless it is already wet.

Though the plan had been to work with her for 2 hours, we only had 45 minutes because of a surprise tour, she had to do a real presentation of the show (in Japanese).

Pics next time.

21 Nov 2019, 14:11

lunched with Anuj and saw a big hornet

Nice lunch with Anuj at a Chinese restaurant near the back side of Kawsaki station. We talked about technology, what we do for work, what I am beginning to do for work (facilitation), SOGO, and possibly hanging out in December.

On the way back, we noticed this hornet(?) on the ground. He did not look particularly safe to me, so I put him on a tree. I really am not sure if the hornet would prefer to be in the grass (protected from wind) or what. Sad to imagine he will die soon, but at least now not as likley to be squished to death by a shoe.

No pics now until I get wifi.

2019 nov 21 hornet on paper

2019 nov 21 hornet on tree 1 2019 nov 21 hornet on tree 2

21 Nov 2019, 11:00

taped my computer closed

Yesterday my computer battery died because the case is warped, which keeps it open which keeps it on. Not sure why being on battery did not make it turn off.

Anyway, I put some tape on it to keep it closed.

2019 nov 21 taped computer closed

21 Nov 2019, 10:25

Giving Alex progeny more sunlight

Alex is the name I gave a plant that was given to me by Kana, before she moved away from where Soness used to live in Chigasaki. I believe I was still living there at the time, but dating Lin and gave the plant to Lin soon after I got it.

Anyway it grew into a big strong plant, for some values of big and strong. I rooted 4 baby Alex plants and they are growing in their own containers. Good thing, because the original Alex froze maybe two years ago now in a winter that was beyond his pay grade.

We now have three decent sized versions and an itty bitty little one that I had planted out front, but today I realized it was no getting enough sunlight to be really planty.

Today I used the square 酒 cup from Christine and Erik’s wedding as a planter for this littlest of Alex’s progeny. It’s hanging from a hanger I made from earphone wires. And this time, it is hanging inside, in the sunroom behind Mama’s room.

For some reason, I did not take pics of the creation process, but it was pretty simple. There are two drain holes in the bottom of the 酒 cup. Five(?) large-ish white gravel stones line the bottom, and then a layer of small-ish black rocks are on those. Then I scooped some dirt from our front bushes and put the Littlest Alex on that.

2019 nov 21 alexii mini 0 2019 nov 21 alexii mini 1 2019 nov 21 alexii mini 2

Here he is from July 2019:

2019 july 31 alex green three

Here are his brothers now:

2019 nov 21 alexii middle brother 2019 nov 21 alexii older brother 2019 nov 21 alexii triplets

Here’s how they were in July:

2019 july 31 alex red eight 2019 july 31 alex black twelve 2019 july 31 alexi red twins

All of them in July:

2019 july 31 alexi vertical 2019 july 31 alexi horizontal

21 Nov 2019, 00:09

sudying passive grammar in Japanese

There are probably errors in the Japanese notes below!

子供にパソコンをかわされました。 犬に足をかまりました。 友達に顔をたたかられました。 靴をまちがえられました。 犬に着物を汚されました。

20 Nov 2019, 07:53

Wednesdays are long days

I love having our laser printer. I was able to print 80 pages (doublesided, don’t worry) for ShadowWork carpet training which I will be able to lead starting early next year. I am practicing now. Greatly looking forward to bringing this training to Japan.

Chatted with Jimmy for a bit before I took a nap on the train from 登戸 to 川崎

Now I am at Shukoh for lesson which officially started 8 minutes ago now (at 7:50), but no one else has arrived yet.

Starting with Ayano at 8am, Sayuri, Yuta, and Ai attended today.


I am at DiCE, an internet cafe near Cinecitta. I finished my stretch from last night, and have invited several people to my eye gazing workshop on Nov 30th.

19 Nov 2019, 17:12

Productive day

Today I mostly worked on MT3, doing over 3 hours of livestream.

Jimmy was on the chat and helped me name El Lifty Lever. Thanks Jimmy!

Then I watched too much crap on Netflix. Finished The Dark Tower and then watched first episode of a show like Another Rapper, like a Who’s Got Talent for rap.

Headed to men’s circle now. I do not really want to go though. In this case, I just wanna sleep; I think it is better if I go.

18 Nov 2019, 21:49

Hanging out with Will

Tonight Will took some pics of me in a tree.

2019 nov 18 rob in tree 28 2019 nov 18 rob in tree 30 2019 nov 18 rob in tree 31

We met before attending mixed gender circle.

Afterward talking with Christine, I look forward to working with her and Petya early next year!

In other news, I wrote to AB regarding billed items after saying the upgrade was complete.

17 Nov 2019, 18:04

2019 nov 17 today ACiM, Urbit, nin, The Good Place

Today I skipped SOGO to attend a meetup for A Course In Miracles. The meetup was fine, but not really enough for me to want to skip SOGO again for it. Happily, the next one will be on a Saturday.

I posted an entry called “Marble Track 3 in a post“ on urbit, the title being an homage to “life in a post” on Reddit. I don’t know if you can see that URL without being actually on Urbit. If that is in fact the case, I do not yet know how to post a page that doesn’t require logging in.

I played a game with Lin today. “Is this song by Nine Inch Nails?” while going through a playlist of songs similar to NIN. I think that would make a good website, but I do not think I could successfully make it successful with my current interest and skillset.

I watched the penultimate episode of The Good Place. It was pretty great; I have enjoyed them all, tbh.

Oh, and I finally figured out why I had not been able to get hardlinks to work on my machine. Turns out my editor was breaking the link by unlinking and relinking the file (or something).

Thanks to https://superuser.com/a/302083

In my case, I set backup-by-coping-when-linked to non-nil.