17 Mar 2020, 09:05

Using Zoom today for Tokyo MKP meeting

Watching Japanese news this morning I was not surprised to see somber silent reporting of European countries that are shutting things down and encouraging testing as the best way to prevent spread.

Then the music kicked in as a giant Olympics logo filled the screen “but everything is fine for the Olympics!”

I wrote the above to our LINE group for Tokyo Men’s Circle

One man replied to the group

good morning men, I've been thinking about this for a while and I
lacked the courage to propose it. Thank you Rob for voicing it
out. The Japanese goverment (and specificaly Abe) doesn't care
about corona virus because it simply won't help him get reelected
and certainly doesnt want his name attached to this topic. [1] The
people in the goverment are there because they belong to ruling
families, none of them had to commute in a busy, smelly rush hour
train nor live in a smaller than a prison cell apartments. Abe
spent 12 minutes on average during 13 meetings with the so called
corona virus unit. We spend more time talking in the elevator
after our weekly meetings. Anyway thats a long rant. For the
proposal, I judge if we move to Zoom we would be playing our duty
in controling the spread of corona virus. Shinjuku is the busiest
station in the world and the probability of getting in contact
with someone infected is high. to put it in perspective. it may be
the highest probability among all the stations in the world. Japan
is lying about the number of cases. they are not testing enough
people and if anyone shows with mild symptoms he is sent home to
self quarantine. Our meeting is important and i attended online
MKP group and I found it as useful as the circle we have.

He said it better than I could. We are going to meet online tonight.

Another man has offered up his Zoom room because he has a Pro account. I feel grateful for the community chipping in to make us all a bit safer.

[1] https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/26/opinion/coronavirus-japan-abe.html

16 Mar 2020, 17:45

worked today a day in which everything is fine

Today I worked in Akihabara at OT. First of 10 every-other-week 2 hour lessons from now to July.

The Internet says the world is in pandemic pandemonium, but everything looks normal here as far as I can see. Am I just seeing the shallow side of the hockey stick curve?

None of my lessons have been cancelled. For that I am grateful.

Today’s lesson was fine; I sorta got everyone’s name by the end. 12 students.. let’s see:

  1. Masa
  2. Takuro
  3. Kazuo
  4. Hiroshi
  5. Maino
  6. Yoko
  7. Katsuhiro
  8. Daisuke
  9. Taka
  10. Ma
  11. Keiji
  12. Takuya

Bingo, that is twelve. Good job, brain!

15 Mar 2020, 00:52

Great hanging out with Soness

Super fun to hang out with Soness making lunch and laughing our proverbial butts off about funny ways of looking at the world.

We made veggie and gourdy yumyums and even had some frozen banana blended with macademia nuts using her Braun hand blender.

Laughing and listening to her comedy routines and recording some more for future use. Super great day and love hanging out again!

11 Mar 2020, 06:39

timeline so far of AB bounce issue
  1. I set up email long ago, assuming we would never get bounces per the emails we (don’t) send
  2. Yesterday we got notification of a bounce
  3. I could not see what email triggered the bounce
  4. You guys looked up the offending email
  5. I discovered that a user had signed up with that email. I hardcoded the address to not have emails sent to it.
  6. I tried to set up an alert to email with headers if any bounces or complaints happen
  7. I triggered an email to bounce (6 hours ago as I write this)
  8. I have not received an email regarding the bounce (6 hours later)

Receiving emails for bounces is just to make sure I have bounce detection set up correctly. I eventually want to process bounces automatically.

18 hours later, from AWS support
I checked the SNS topic you have and the SNS endpoint and I see
they are configured correctly to receive a bounces via email for
emails sent by "sestest@rn.com " that results as bounces. So I
started to SES logs for any bounces generated for emails sent by
this email address "sestest@rn.com " and I couldn't see any
bounces from this email which explains the reason you didn't
receive any bounces on SNS endpoint "webmaster@AB".

OOOhhhhhhh that makes sense.

09:13 Saturday 15 March 2020 JST

Now it’s all sorted out.

10 Mar 2020, 19:37

Late for mens circle

Right around the time I planned to start heading to men’s circle, two things happened.

  1. The code I assumed was fine started throwing errors in final testing. Super glad I have something of a test framework working!

  2. An email we sent bounced. We have never had emails bounce before so I immediately contacted our mail provider looking for infos. Turns out someone used an spam target email address to sign up on AB. When verifying that email, of course it bounced.

My brain panicked a bit but I texted men’s LINE group to let them know I’d likely be late.

Will helpfully said, “we have all the king we need,” which made me smile and took the proverbial load off my mind.

For the first issue above, I pruned the recent commits down to code I knew was working. Pushed it to staging and verified it’s fine.

For the second issue above, I hardcoded an array of invalid email addresses to check and not email.

Testing the array reminded me to update some old code to use the new code for sending emails. That update had fallen to the bottom of the chasm of old TODOs but now it’s been ressurected and completed yay!

I emailed our mail sender to tell them I had done what I can, including screenshots of the hardcoded array and proof that it was working with screenshots of emails received.

Tomorrow(?) I will start digging into documentation on how to detect bounced emails and write them to a blacklist I can check.

Isn’t that a microservice that should already exist? Hmmm. (edit to add there are, and they all look spammy to me.)

Arriving in Yoyogi Uehara now. I’ll look for this microservice until we arrive in Shinjuku.

07 Mar 2020, 14:22

Walking meditation in Shinjuku Gyoen

(written 14:22 Tuesday 10 March 2020 JST)

I feel grateful to Alexis, Misaky, and Takako for attending my first walking meditation event in Shinjuku Gyoen. Wonderfully, they all arrived on time; Alex let me know he couldn’t attend. Others simply did not show up.

06 Mar 2020, 17:27

bicycled to indigo dye workshop with Lin

(written 00:27 Saturday 07 March 2020 JST)

“Today” Lin and I rode to the indigo dye workshop place to dye handkerchiefs. I dyed a pillowcase as well. We had lots of fun! I am super glad she enjoyed it after claiming to be not-creative at the beginning. Hogwash, I say!

2020 mar 6 indigo dye my pillowcase 2020 mar 6 indigo dye our handkerchiefs 2020 mar 6 indigo dye pillowcase pretty cool 2020 mar 6 indigo dye their handkerchiefs 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin after first dip 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin creative 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin francois bored 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin francois watches unveiling 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin in vinegar 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin pentagon francois 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin pentagon francois feet 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin pov creating 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin undid both zipties 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin undid first ziptie 2020 mar 6 indigo dye with lin zip tied under center spot.

I was surprised to see this along the way there. I have seen very few places like this in Tokyo.

where is this place

06 Mar 2020, 12:05

japanese and freya

(written 12:05 Friday 06 March 2020 JST)

I went to KUMON in Shibusawa to sign up for Japanese worksheets yesterday.

Today signed up for coaching with Freya for starting my business.

06 Mar 2020, 11:59

Great time at the Pink Cow vegan night last night

Great to see Traci and them at The Pink Cow at their new cool location in Akasaka! Last night was vegan night and the food was amazing! Traci made vegan flan somehow magically and a new white bean vegan chili. And chocolate chip vegan cookies that were easy to eat and eat! She called them crack cookies haha cause they’re so addictive!

Met Shawn, Tessa, Takako, Yutaro, and one more I cannot recall now. Also got to talk with Rohini and Gail!

04 Mar 2020, 17:36

State of My Life Address
  1. I noticed the sound of today’s date (March Fourth) is a command (March Forth)
  2. I’m still in the middle of updating AB’s backend site according to MLAPHP. It has helped enormously with my confidence in making updates to the site. Like OMG the book has paid for itself countless times.
  3. Recently I got phan/phan installed on a local virtual machine and have been doing static code analysis as well. It found hundreds(?) of critical errors, all of which I have fixed, some of which were long-lasting bugs that simply hadn’t been triggered.
  4. I’ve kinda stalled in moving Bold Life Brotherhood Tokyo forward. Sometimes I am just not sure what to do. Well I mean I know I need to post stuff and such, but I don’t know what to post that seems meaningful.
  5. One thing to do would be stop playing Best Fiends. It’s a dang good game in terms of gameplay and dopamine hits, and wow what a time sink. I am up to level 165.
  6. I am on track for 36 workshops in 2020. I have done 6 so far in 2 months. Two more are scheduled in March (walking meditation in Shinjujku Park and Your Art Matters); I need to schedule something for the end of March.
  7. I just wrote to Giselle and Yuna to see if they wanna do another workshop together.
  8. Weird I just spoke Japanese with a western-looking woman working at the convenience store. She didn’t switch to English so I didn’t either. Not sure if it’s just me, but if we had switched to English, it would have felt like a wall had been lowered. I don’t think it is just because my Japanese ain’t all that great.
  9. Recently Lin has been wanting to buy a 2015 Forester. I prefer to save money and pay cash for it but she wants to get it sooner and use credit.
  10. I spoke with Clio from AirBnB who gave me some great ideas for getting my AirBnB Experience started, including lowering the price at first, adding more pictures, and adding more dates. I started thinking about it though, and it’s like I don’t really want to do this; nevermind. I am tempted to just delete the whole thing.
  11. Dang my computer just dropped from like 40% battery to 0%. I was not watching carefully but it just went to sleep and woke up with 0% after I plugged it in.
  12. That reminds me, I am in the market for a new computer. I am thinking of getting a desktop to be my primary machine and clear this one of non-critical stuff.
  13. All schools have closed in Japan for what I am calling Virus Month. I hope it does not last for a month more but apparently there may be an announcement made by Prime Minister Abe next week that everything is gonna be shut down.
  14. Our cat Jennie is apparently 8 years old. Lin has relaxed a bit about her being outside after dark.
  15. I am continuing this on 11 March 2020
  16. I do not have any plans to travel this year. Now that the coronavirus has been nearly described as a pandemic, with Italy locked down and masks unavailable everywhere, I am kinda glad I have no plans to get messed up, but for real I think this pandemic is being overhyped. It’s just a flu bug and has far fewer deaths than tuberculosis (but more deaths than terrorism, so that’s something). It has been challenging for me to keep from blabbing to all my students how it’s a coverup of some variety but I just don’t know what yet.
  17. I mean, take a look at this beautiful Information is Beautiful page on COVID-19. It ain’t shit compared to lots of deadlier things. Just like “terror” was hyped on the media we are seeing the same thing in media this time. Why?
  18. We had a great walking meditation on March 7th, and I was telling my students about it today. Chinatsu looked up full bloom this year and it’s apparently scheduled for March 22nd. So I will schedule another walking meditation on 21 March. That can be my third workshop in March!
  19. I am up to level 188 in Best Fiends. Man eff this neverending addictive game.
  20. I am up to page 70 or so in my Japanese study via KUMON. Oh, I forgot to mention that I signed up for KUMON in 渋沢 because Sanae who we met in 直島 teaches there and is able to teach Japanese. Fair enough; sounds fun!
  21. AB is going pretty well; I have gotten rid of all the SEVERITY_CRITICAL errors in the backend thanks to phan/phan. Just today I installed phan/phan on the frontend as well because I had to do a fix to the site and might as well get started with static analysis. Last night is the night I was late for MKP men’s circle (which is fine because “we have all the king we need”) because we got a bounce from an email we sent. Turns out some yahoo used a fake email address and it bounced. I hardcoded a fix to keep that address from being used and today I firmed it up by creating a table and a class to read it. Anyway that was all on the frontend.
  22. I have also been using Codeception to run acceptance tests on the website itself. I have 178 tests with 869 assertions on the backend. On the frontend are 13 tests with 42 assertions. This is all thanks to Paul Jones MLAPHP book. It has helped me so much get this code sorted out. I definitely feel more confident making changes and updates.
  23. OMG but that reminds me, just before starting 6 hours of work at JB today, I pushed a code change without doing the associated DB change because all the DB updates are done manually. Thank goodness I tested and noticed before anyone else. Gotta deploy DB updates automagically eventually.
  24. Jennie has not used the bridge I made for her from the balcony to Lin’s window. I wonder if she ever will.
  25. Yesterday while working on Marble Track 3, I installed two “maglevs” which are steel rods from our old “Shoot The Moon” game which I got from Dad a couple years ago. The rods are perfect for sliding magnets along which allows smooth lifting of characters over the set to let them fly various places. It’s great having the maglevs firmly placed and able to rotate like arms on turntables. Super happy with this improvement in the MT3 set.
  26. Noborito next and just ran out of things to write. Nice timing.
  27. Oh, during the walking meditation I noted how often I am mindful during normal life. Not having to sit down to meditate, but trying to be mindful as often as possible has helped a lot.