11 Jun 2021, 22:26

e-letter to pen pal Gracie
Hi Gracie

Thank you for your nice message.

I feel grateful living in Japan regarding the covid situation.  We
haven't had any real strong lockdowns, and everyone pretty much
wears a mask most of the time.

You asked about fun things I've done today.  I'm not sure if this
counts as fun, but my wife and I took a nice long siesta in the
afternoon and woke up in the evening.

Recently I led a walking meditation in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.  That
was on June 5th and five people attended.  I plan to lead another
one on June 20th, one day before summer solstice in the northern

Tomorrow I will attend the first of seven classes in a course
describing how to strengthen and improve the use of our chakras.
I'm looking forward to that as the instructor has said it's a very
practical course.

Thank you for your reminder about self care; I agree it's very
important, particularly in the summer.

Blessings to you and yours