05 Jun 2021, 19:01

super great day

Today was super ffantastic!

In the morning, I went to Kinko’s in Shibuya, enjoying walking from Inokashira Line on the second or third floor of Shibuya station in the new hallway area to the Hikarie side and to Kinko’s.

Kinko’s lamination easy enough for 704 yen but I dropped the receipt and forgot to put it into my pocket. Oh well

Headed over to the station and put my shit into a locker and then jumped on the train to go to Harajuku Station and had plenty of time so what I realized is that I should have written in my physical journal because I brought that and actually haven’t written in it since yesterday or so.

Super grateful for Hiro, Yuna, and Yuma all arriving on time, and for Max and Emico joining just as the walk started.


Max, Yuma, Hiro, Emico, Toko, and Nithilim all came to Shibuya and did eye gazing together as well as with me.

They were basically eye gazing in pairs as a group and one by one came over to do I gazing with me so it was nice to get comfortable with the idea by having my my friends there to support.

They left after a bit and I stayed until 6:00 p.m.


Feeling really positive about the whole thing and got some good questions and connection with people who are there so that was really nice

I put in my contacts at the cafe and have not been able to read or see very well to write so I didn’t I chose not to write in my journal so that I could do this audio transcription thing here.

Just about to arrive at my station and going to meet my Japanese teacher at 7:00 p.m. it’s 6:48 p.m. now so I have time and will possibly take out my contacts but I’m not sure I’m a little bit tired but yeah I don’t fucking know I’ll probably take out my contacts and go back to my classes it’s because it’s slightly more comfortable for me in some ways.

Special thanks to the person who already sent me two photos that he took. I replied to thank him and asked if there’s a URL that he would like me to post for link back.

Met a woman named Yui who didn’t do eye gazing but took a photo of my website QR code she jumped onto my website to get the QR code and said she’ll contact me well she didn’t actually say anything but she was like cool after I showed her the events page and she clicked on my Twitter as well but I haven’t been doing tweets very much.

Maybe I’ll tweet to her now that would be cool.