25 May 2021, 05:02

State of My Life Address

(started 05:02 Tuesday 25 May 2021 JST)

  1. I finished my walk across Japan on May 9th, 2021
  2. It took ten full days to get back into “reality” (emotionally recover)
  3. Now thinking about doing eye contact in Shibuya
  4. Have not reallly started my book, okay I have started but no structure yet.
  5. Anne is helping me get my proverbial shit together on different projects
  6. I just cracked open https://workflowy.com to keep track of stuff and saw SOML and realized I have not written one for a few months
  7. The walk started with a joke and ended with ten days depression
  8. Book still to come
  9. Been working with Anne since yesterday
  10. Mark took photos of me yesterday for eye contact promotion
  11. First Free Eye Contact in Shibuya is scheduled for 5 June
  12. Scheduled on my calendar, but not really announced yet.
  13. Also planning to go to Yomiuriland with Missy, Lin, Mikarin on 19 June
  14. Planning to meet Jason, Fabian, Shraddhan on Thursday 27 May
  15. I woke up at 4:28am
  16. Lin and I have been good; she is working on her garden and work
  17. I give her hugs and kisses and sweet words when we are physically near
  18. I have done a first draft of expenses from during the actual walk, but not yet included ancillary costs
  19. I doubt I have used that word before
  20. I have been writing in physical journal again; now on BOOK NINETEEN
  21. BOOK ONE - BOOK SEVENTEEN were done between 1987 and 2002.
  22. BOOK ONE is still missing. If you have seen it; please let me know
  23. BOOK EIGHTEEN was started in late 2020 and finished May 19th I think.
  24. Planning to attend Emico’s Chakra clearing master class starting in June
  25. I did a Tornado Breathing session with her in Dogenzaka a few days ago (21 May) and wrote about it in BOOK NINETEEN (pages 5-9)
  26. I colored the outside of BOOK NINETEEN right after the session on 21 May
  27. Emacs has helped me create journal entries and dream entries, but I don’t have a nice way to edit things
  28. Fred helped me with a perl script which is easier to edit but still has a couple issues with file creation and dating
  29. It is 6:23 now and I just dusted off my old Workflowy account and added several items

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