14 May 2021, 15:41

we done gone on a gondola

After Lin picked me up, we went to a place with a gondola 🚠

2021 may 13 photograph of photographer on gondola

It was near a shrine in Shirone, I think.

There were flowers and such

2021 may 13 neat white flowers 2021 may 13 francois near red tulip

We rode the gondola up the mountain. Very few people around, so I took a picture of François not getting on the gondola.

2021 may 13 francois was scared

Don’t worry; I got him on.

2021 may 13 francois on sanroku gondola

Quite a nice view while looking out from the mountain.

2021 may 13 francois on gondola

At the top, I enjoyed seeing the cable connections.

2021 may 13 gondola cable connections