23 Apr 2021, 05:02

dream talked to Will Smith about career advice

I went over to Will Smith's house and gave Francois to his daughter for her birthday in order to show how serious I was about making the connection with him and his family.

I told him about the dream I had with him as we were on a movie set and he got injured and as he woke up he asked who he was, if he was Will or a prince or King,, and I said "you're the president now sir and we've got to get you to your room."

We had a laugh about that, and he asked me to tell him the dream about a different time but I couldn't recall the details.

I had a heart-to-heart conversation with Will about how he was able to put himself out there and it's even included in his lyrics as a rapper. I referenced the skit in one of his songs about a guy trying to start a barber shop and recording studio, and said I'm not like that guy because I only want to do one thing and that's listening which I know I can do.

I got all excited and woke up.