07 Apr 2021, 15:20

Quill now trims trailing spaces in title

As submitted, the title for this entry includes the spaces at the front and back: “   forgot to erase test entries   ”

Earlier today, I added .trim() to the jQuery code which grabs the title of the entry.

Before I had Quill trim the spaces, it was calculating the URL as having hyphens on the end.

I don’t where (else) along the line those spaces were being removed, but those hyphen-terminated URLs did not make it into HTML reality once Hugo had created the site.

23:37 Wednesday 07 April 2021 JST

I have now deleted the test entries and updated this entry’s title to just reflect Quill’s new skillset.

Thanks to Hugo, the old URL https://www.robnugen.com/journal/2021/04/07/forgot-to-erase-test-entries/ is still available and refreshes to this one.