02 Apr 2021, 12:58

fixed textarea edits while writing with quill

Today one of my to do items is to allow me to post from here on Quill to send updates during my walk to Niigata on an ad-hoc basis.

I just removed the stuff that counts the number of characters and hoping that I can edit this thing without having to erase from the end.

Curiously enough, that didn’t work but I’m still going to keep the Twitter count removed because I don’t care about it for journal entries.

Curiously enough maybe it DID work.. yep it seems fine now so let me commit this change.

Commit https://github.com/thunderrabbit/Quill/commit/1b301b0df02cd32355361d17d55ac557764ccc87

18:52 Monday 05 April 2021 JST

Update: the textarea is not fixed. I will keep removing stuff from the page in hopes I can get it to work.. Maybe I should try a plain ol' textarea and see if it’s my phone with the problem. Here. I will put one here.

21:03 Monday 05 April 2021 JST

Edits in the textarea above worked fine on my phone. I found some more code that was messing with the textarea. Now I apparently will lose my edits, but I can use Notes or a local solution that need not be baked into the page.