24 Feb 2021, 22:36

last lesson with Aoi and Ayaka

I’m now nearly home from working at JB School in Kawasaki. This was the last lesson with Aoi and Ayaka, who are moving to lessons on Thursdays. They are funny so I’ll miss them.

As an example, when we first started lessons, I would randomly give them cards with questions on the cards that they asked each other. Once they memorized all the questions, I would hand out invisible cards and have them ask the questions from memory. There were times that I forgot to give them invisible cards so they would claim they couldn’t ask questions because I hadn’t given them a(n invisible) card.

As another example, there were times that I verbally awarded points to them, and Aoi would catch the points and put them into the corner of the painting hanging near our table, as if for safe keeping.

Aoi and Ayaka, if you ever happen to come across this page, thank you both for your hard work and for making our lessons entertaining.