23 Feb 2021, 08:48

good morning new holiday

February 23rd is the new imperial birthday celebrated in Japan with a holiday.

I think it’s just by coincidence that it used to be December 23rd and so is the same date of the month.

I have a meeting in 20 minutes: attending week four (of eight) of Mankind Project’s PIT2020, an online version of the PIT (Primary Integration Training) I attended in 1998.

Because of these meetings on Tuesdays, I have moved my Marble Track 3 live streams to Mondays. And thanks to mohammad’s recommendation I moved them to Reddit instead of YouTube. On Reddit the community is much stronger and I have been able to chat with more people and answer more questions during the live stream so that’s a lot more fun.

One downside is that I don’t yet know how to automatically collect the live stream durations to keep adding to the total hours I’ve spent on the project. I also don’t yet know how to embed the live streams in my Marble Track 3 website.

I assume those issues can be solved later so I will keep live streaming anytime I work on the marble track.

I’m writing this journal entry with my phone loading my quill website and it should update on dreamhost directly.. let’s see if it works…