16 Feb 2021, 14:09

first world problem: ai going awry

Last month and this month I was unable to link my account in Japan. It used to be linked some years ago but now it is not and I cannot relink it. I have my bank information in Japan but the system says “please try again later” when I try to enter my bank information.

Hello! Welcome to PayPal Messaging. My name is Gerald. I hope you are staying safe and doing good. I’ll be helping to resolve your account needs today. I do understand the importance of your concern about your bank.

I know how important it is for you to add your bank account. Let me clarify this for you.

I can see that for this occasion, our security model has prevented this attempt to add your bank since it was found that it would not be 100% safe for you and to protect you from any negative experience in PayPal and online fraud.

If you are trying to withdraw your PayPal balance you may try to link other banks you have.

One thing is for sure this is not something that is going to happen all the time and it doesn’t mean that your bank account will not be added on your PayPal account anymore.

As soon as the system detects that there are no risk involved in your actions, the system should allow you to add your bank. PayPal’s security program serves as our anti-fraud which reviews every attempt of adding a financial that are meant to protect all customers and sometimes may re asses an account in good standing such as yours depending on the risk involved in the process of adding your bank.

I am glad to be able to assist you today. If this message suffice your inquiry, you may close the conversation window. Thank you for your time and continuous support. Keep safe!

HI Gerald

Can you give me some more information about the timeline here? I only have one bank account in Japan. What would cause the system to decide it is now safe to add it?

I am happy to jump on a call with someone to prove my identity or whatever you need to get the bank account connected.

It is not actually about you itself. The system considers variety of factors regarding its decisions, apparently these reasons are not disclosed not even to us as that will forfeit the existence of the system if anyone can just override it. I am really sorry but I cannot give you any specific explanation as to why you bank. Since this is something we cannot do at the moment may we know the reason why you wanted to add your bank? If you wanted to have a funding source to use you may also link your cards into the account.

HI Gerald

Thank you for explaining that you cannot override the system. I agree it would be pointless if “anyone could override it.”

However, the system was written by humans, so someone can override it. Can you help me find someone who can resolve this?

I want to add a bank account to take money out of my PayPal account. I need to pay vendors soon and they do not accept PayPal.

Good point Robert. That is definitely right, but it was also the system that is giving option and deciding whether a certain action can be overridden but in this case of yours apparently there was no option to bypass. I get how important it is for you to add your bank for you to deposit your money. If you have a bank card associated with this bank account you can also have it added instead and withdraw your PayPal balance from there.

Do you mean an ATM card from my bank? I do have an ATM card for my bank, but I am not sure if that is what you mean.