10 Jan 2021, 22:57

SOGO Bootcamp was online today

SOGO Bootcamp was online today, but I didn’t know that until I got there ten minutes late and there was no one there.

After a while, Julien joined and then Kana and Ayumi joined from where they had been doing jump rope and trying to join the workout online.

All in all, we had the seven people in attendance and each chose different workouts that we did for 45 seconds and then had a 15 second break.

We worked out like that for just over an hour and then Julien and one of his friends went for a run around the park while Kana and I played a short game of catch with her basketball while Ayumi practiced jump rope doing double rotation jumps (which probably have a specific name) double unders.

Julien and his friends headed out and Kana and Ayumi invited me to join them for lunch. We ate at Chile’s, which features Banana Buñuelos!