03 Jan 2021, 15:50

super great first SOGO day of 2021

SOGO was officially cancelled today so I invited a few people to join, including Anuj and Lin, both of whom attended today!

Anuj was on time while Lin and I were 10 minutes late, arriving at 10:10am in Yoyogi Park. We got started shortly thereafter, doing a variety platter of exercises for 30 or 45 seconds each with short breaks in between to think of the next exercise.

Julien, Mariia, Larry, and Naruto joined after a while and amped up our game a bit by stacking up three exercises at a time to do before thinking of the next set of three.

2021 jan 03 SOGO maria high jumps 2021 jan 03 SOGO crunches 2021 jan 03 SOGO bear pushups 2021 jan 03 SOGO indian pushups 2021 jan 03 SOGO high kicks 2021 jan 03 SOGO julien arms 2021 jan 03 SOGO breaktime 2021 jan 03 SOGO balancing 2021 jan 03 SOGO lunges1 2021 jan 03 SOGO julien mariia anuj high jumps 2021 jan 03 SOGO julien demo 2021 jan 03 SOGO 2 point planks 2021 jan 03 SOGO mountain climbers 2021 jan 03 SOGO julien squat stretches 2021 jan 03 SOGO crunches2 2021 jan 03 SOGO star jumps 2021 jan 03 SOGO squatting 2021 jan 03 SOGO lunges 2021 jan 03 SOGO superheros

At 11:20am we decided to go for 10 more minutes before Lin, Naruto, and I stopped for a snack while the rest of them went for a run around the perimeter of Yoyogi Park! Anuj and Mariia did one lap then joined us for a seat. Julien and Larry did two laps!

Fasting today, Anuj went home while the rest of us walked to Kaffir Lime, a Thai restaurant in Harajuku near Cat Street. Nice convos about travel in Japan and hiking / skiing trips. Julien said he can hook me up with friends and family price on Columbia Sportswear for my walk to Niigata. Super great to receive such a nice gift!

We headed out and ate chocolate in B1F of a building with MOMA Store on 4F, then went up to 5F of the building to see the cafe above MOMA Store. Nice view over Omotesando street, but quite chilly.


Julien had to go so we said bye the Lin and I jumped on the train via the first Meijijingu Mae entrance. Super glad to hear her and Naruto planning to join SOGO next week!!


We got to our station before I realized I had left my jacket in the Thai restaurant. Lin headed home and I headed back to pick it up.


Nearly back at Noborito now, so a bit over a 1 hour round trip. Great time to write in my diary!