25 Dec 2020, 08:23

Paid for transcription of 24 Dec Weekly Alignment

Last night after the Weekly Alignment, I went through the audio to clear out parts not of general interest, and decided to try a transcription service instead of going through https://otter.ai

Looking through the list at https://www.techradar.com/best/best-transcription-services I tried the first two, but they want payment through credit card, even if I go through PayPal.

https://www.rev.com/ was more expensive but allowed me to pay with my PayPal balance so I went for that option. $17 to transcribe Weekly Alignment - Releasing old energy.

The output format had a standard cadence of a paragraph break every 3 minutes. The output did not match the natural pauses in the meditation. There were some comma splices and missing question marks terminating questions.

I also sent the same audio to https://www.temi.com/ which apparently ran it through an AI (Otter?) and pooped out a version which more correctly matched the natural pauses in my speech.

I think next time I will go with Temi. So far it’s a tossup between them and Otter.