21 Nov 2020, 17:43

great time in walking meditation today.

2020 nov 22 enjoy beautiful shinjuku gyoen

Lovely weather and wonderful time spent in Shinjuku Gyoen today. Thanks to Sach, Amaru, Kino for attending. Thanks to Hiromi, Clare, and Mohit for letting us know they couldn’t join.

I led three meditations:

  1. standing, noticing all the muscles and motions involved in walking
  2. sitting, noticing the breathing and giving our lungs a break
  3. sitting, expanding our conscious awareness outside our bodies and as far out as the nearby trees.

Sach left after we finished around 2pm and Kino invited me and Amaru to a cafe in the park.

The line was long so we went to another cafe with a longer line, so we sat outside and just chatted. Great questions about Inner Child work allowed for deeper sharing about topics ranging from concussions to surgery.

As it started to get a little bit chilly we had it out of the park, and in search of a warm place, I recommended we go to the greenhouse.

Kino hung out in the direct sunlight while Amaru and I entered the greenhouse. We walked the loop around through the place just before they closed up for the night.

Overall, super great time today. 10/10, would try again. Join us for Walking Meditation 12/12 at noon!