19 Nov 2020, 06:54

dream inside a large video dome

Standing inside a large cavern I noticed the inside was colored with a map of what it looks like in that direction if you're standing in the real place. I could not see any seems on the image even though it spanned 360° and all directions.

Once I recognized this the display seemed to get brighter as if grateful for being acknowledged.

There was a description of how they had to make a special algorithm to calculate where each ray of light should go and even though it was now a solved problem, it was still a difficult problem to solve.

Given the specialty of the hardware required to display, it was coveted and often tried to be stolen but it was never stolen because it was so small that people could not find it. It had to be small so that it would not cause a shadow inside the room.

Riding a bicycle along the inside of the rounded shape brought me below the water line of rain and my friend Jason's machine shop was nearly flooded by the rain so he was using the machines' own hydraulic equipment to lift the machines up into the air to keep them out of the water.

I helped them navigate out of the water as they were going on vacation.