10 Nov 2020, 07:55

Lucid dream magic monsters

I was reading an article about some magic and the words kept changing but I didn't realize it was a dream. I couldn't determine if the subscript was part of the name or the subscript.

The text was talking about how some outer space stuff had very low chance of being real because it was not scientifically tested and the people and even new employees who were there had full access to the entire system and faking information as they had too much credentials to allow any kind of peer review of the information.

I was thinking it was all fake but then in the shopping mall we were in one store that had some magic happening nearby like brightly colored creatures that were appearing and apparently fighting or attacking others and it was scary so we ran away from them and then up to the second floor via escalators and very wide ramp stairs and then one guy was talking to me saying "well that was really crazy" and then he turned out to be a bad guy as well and tried to catch me and wrapped his arms around me to try to kill me and I was scared so I realized it was a dream and instead of just run away at first I protected myself with a shield that started completely within my being and then it slowly expanded so he could not crush me, and then I extruded saw blades across three axes which sliced his arms into multiple pieces and got me free of his grasp.

I flew away from that area like flying so far that they shrank into the distance and outer space and flying between planets then someone was coming to attack me so I caused their ship to turn away and go a different direction even though they were very far away I could keep them from coming toward me by turning them down toward a different planet or star system they were near.

As I was flying back to Earth there was a young black girl who had been attacked and some kind of narrator was telling her the real me was the good guy and never had attacked her but the other guy was bad. The narrator used my name and assured her that I would never do that so she could relax.

I was able to fly close to the ground and prevent myself from being pulled down by gravity and then moving through a forest area I had a fully lucid ability to fly anywhere I wanted.

I was able to fly up through concrete highways with metal spikes and as I went through it seemed to hurt but I was able to break through and then I was in a scary forest with old rotten wood and I decided to be able to face my fears and went up through a small tunnel that's normally very scary but I was able to widen the tunnel to make it less scary and blasted myself through and up to daylight again and I saw two people who were walking in the forest.

I was going to fly away from them but then realize that they were potentially friendly so I decided to have sex with them on the stairs outside and they were talking about Tom Cruise to some kid who was in karate and the kid said he was in level 6 karate and they were talking about Tom Cruise and saying that he wasn't so cool by himself that he needed people as well so the kid shouldn't worry that he wasn't a very cool but he's actually super cool like Tom Cruise and I needed to go to the bathroom so I was going to pee and then I realized I needed to wake up so I woke up.