05 Nov 2020, 09:57

walked 23km to work
10:06 Thursday 05 November 2020 JST

TL;DR: I walked barefoot 23km yesterday.

I started yesterday thinking Google Maps said it was 21km to my work. By the end of the day, Google Maps said I walked 23km, so maybe I used a different route. Here are notes I wrote during the walk yesterday.

2020 nov 04 0920 planning to walk


Beautiful weather whistling oh happy day to myself

After turning onto a larger street, I found broken plastic that hadn’t been swept up.

2020 nov 04 0948 brake lights broke


I walked past Tokyo shoe store and the owner took a picture for me outside the store.

I asked him to include the sign and he included half the English and half to Japanese so neither one is completely legible.

2020 nov 04 1001 barefoot rob at shoe store

But there is a big kanji that says shoes, which contrasts with my big feet with no shoes.

I uploaded to Instagram the bottom half of the photo he took and planned to upload the top half of photo I took in three pictures from now.

So I hope I remember to upload that photo after I find two more interesting photos on the way to work.

I feel much more certain that I will find interesting things than I feel certain I will remember to upload the top half of that photo at the right time to align it on Instagram’s three-wide photo list.

(( I remembered, but I miscounted, and had to delete a photo (then repost it) ))


Soon after the shoe store, I noticed some seats with funny pictures and writing on them.

2020 nov 04 1029 funny seats 1 of 9 2020 nov 04 1029 funny seats 2 of 9 2020 nov 04 1030 funny seats 3 of 9 2020 nov 04 1030 funny seats 4 of 9 2020 nov 04 1030 funny seats 5 of 9 2020 nov 04 1030 funny seats 6 of 9 2020 nov 04 1030 funny seats 7 of 9 2020 nov 04 1030 funny seats 8 of 9 2020 nov 04 1028 funny seats 9 of 9


2020 nov 04 1121 mushrooms on stump

I chatted with Mohamed for an hour while walking and I’m now 2 hours and 50 minutes away from work.

Great to talk to him about the meaning of life and the meaning of being a PhD. but I right next to a road that’s loud as heck when I’m talking to him so hanging up for now.

2020 nov 04 1152 sign to kajigaya


I’ve walked 9 km now and have 12 more to go. I’m beginning to feel some tiredness in my hips.


WWoooowwww this is really neat! A scrap metal bin with thousands of stainless steel hooks stamped and apparently dumped…

2020 nov 04 1217 scrap metal jackpot narrow 2020 nov 04 1217 scrap metal jackpot wide 2020 nov 04 1218 scrap metal jackpot close


I counted 1000 steps on my left leg and assume that’s a little bit more than 1 km total. There’s apparently 8.5 km more to go and I’m still feeling pretty okay.

Under normal freaking chances I would take a break for lunch at this point and in this case I cannot because I have to get to work on time.

But I’m just now made it to my original train line Tokyu Toyoko line.

2020 nov 04 1310 tokyu train yard near motosumiyoshi


My alarm just went off saying that I have to leave home soon to go to work.

2020 nov 04 1339 map more than halfway there


Neat elevated road running between NEC building and what look like new apartments. The NEC building has a training tower in front of it.

2020 nov 04 1357 training tower

And an abandoned staircase nearby…

2020 nov 04 1359 abandoned staircase 2020 nov 04 1409 abandoned staircase


I took a shower at the internet cafe and I’m now in the final kilometer to the school.

My legs are feeling pretty fine left knee is a tiny bit tired and soles of my feet are tired but all the joints seem fine.

Phone battery is at 1% charge and I didn’t really charge it except while I talked with Mohamed for an hour..


I did it!

2020 nov 04 1518 success