19 Oct 2020, 06:14

dream working in a new company

I was working in a loosely knit company reading a poster on the wall about security practices and how some old technologies or exploitable like telefax and something else. One guy said he was leaving because he had to catch a flight and was worried about his only productive day of the week and when I looked back at the poster it was gone then I realized it had been covered by another poster of a map of Texas. I remarked that I had just been reading the previous poster but this was probably a good hint to move on to something else. I walked back down the hallway toward the right after seeing the guy drive away in his white diesel pickup truck and I tried to wave him from the other window but I was too late. Then I saw another white van coming this direction with some people I knew who had just gone to vote. I knew I had already voted but then I realized I couldn't tell what day it was or what time it was. What was I supposed to be doing? I could not remember.