07 Sep 2020, 21:54

Unlimited data plan coming soon to my phone

I’m on a 20 GB data plan for 6000 something yen per month now.

Lin and I went to our local shop to sort out why my cost had gone way above expected.

It turns out it wasn’t my phone at all. The last time Lin was there, they downgraded her to a limited calling plan, where she got the first 5 minutes of her calls free. With some patient explanation (Lin would never ever ever never ever ever never never never ever have agreed to a limited calling plan), we got them to take the time to call and explain the situation to the back office who will revert the charges from the past couple of months by giving a discount for the next few months of charges.

My usage was still within the limits of my plan, but we upgraded my plan “just in case.”

Part of me is now thinking I should have waited until I actually hit the 20 GB limit before upgrading to an unlimited plan (for 8000 something yen per month), which will go into effect in October.

Anyway, the two employees we talked to were really nice and I got to speak to one of them in English, including asking her how the plate glass window had broken in front of their shop. Apparently, they have no idea. They checked the security footage afterward but there was no sign of anything.

I wonder if it was due to heat-driven expansion because the window and its surrounding frame get the full brunt of sun in the afternoon.