05 Sep 2020, 20:52


I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed recently, working on too many different projects and really not getting anything done it seems.

I discovered today that I missed an email that a man sent me in June asking for more information about the Bold Life Brotherhood. I emailed him in hopes that he still remembers and is still interested.

There are a few different projects that I have going on:

  1. AB (work)
  2. JB (work)
  3. TY (work)
  4. Design Your Day (morning check-in)
  5. Bold Life Brotherhood (men’s group)
  6. Mankind Project (men’s group)
  7. Thought Leaders Business School
  8. Walking to Niigata (prep)
  9. Marble Track 3 Construction
  10. Marble Track 3 website
  11. ConSwi (Godot game)
  12. Babychan (marriage)
  13. Japanese (study)

Then there are important not urgent stuff

  1. Taxes
  2. Clean my room

Then some things that are interesting but usually not important

  1. Email
  2. HN (technology news)
  3. Netflix (Rick and Morty, Lucifer)