03 Sep 2020, 11:46

State of My Life Address
  1. Welcome to September. It’s still a bit warm and muggy in Tokyo. I taught my students the word muggy yesterday.
  2. I’ve been leading morning workshops for just over 2 months now. I talked to Dee about filling in for me sometimes as I felt overwhelmed yesterday.
  3. Jennie passed her physical exam with ease. She’s apparently 54 cat years old according to the vet. Older than me!?
  4. I’m still primarily working with AB and JB, while at the stage of creating Pink Sheets in TLBS.
  5. In TLBS, I’ve done one accountability session with A and one with S. Both the session were great. We will do a shared session next time.
  6. Headed to SCC, suddenly super tired. Zzzzz