03 Aug 2020, 14:43

State of My Life Address 1
  1. I’m writing this from Quill, to be posted to my test Hugo website and Micropub instance
  2. Nate asked if I could help with a relatively big website, so I’m going to introduce him to Jacob tonight at 5pm
  3. I’ve walked twice to Yomiuriland. 45 minutes just like zoom easy.
  4. I’ve been walking in the mornings in preparation for my walk to Niigata, planned for April 2021
  5. All the Quill and Micropub stuff I’ve been doing is for that walk, so I can post journal entries from my phone.
  6. Just today I hacked tougher code that adds class=dream paragraph tags to paragraphs in entries that were tagged as dreams. I forgot to mark the issue as complete.
  7. Yesterday Shraddhan and Ihad a great time walking around Harajuku area after SOGO.
  8. rainy season is finally over and SOGO was pretty hot yesterday.
  9. In Akihabara, I just bought a quick charge capable phone charging battery and in the past 10 minutes it has increased my phone’s charge from 46% to 73%.
  10. I just saw a friendly-looking security guard by a spooky looking door and I chatted with him a little bit. He explained the door was for construction equipment for Japan Rail bridges. I asked him if there were any ghosts inside the spooky room. He smiled a bit and said there were about three .. and we both burst out laughing.
  11. Just now as I was writing the above two lines while standing on a bridge over River near Akihabara, a man asked me in English if I needed any help. I said I did not and I thank him twice for taking the time to ask. today I called him back and told him the story about the security guard and the ghost that he told him he should ask the same question.
  12. Lesson starting in 18 minutes here in Akihabara. …..
  13. Lin is looking at homes in Nagano; we have been thinking of moving there in a few years.
  14. I have been leading Design Your Day circles every morning from 7:30 to 8:00am. They have been going well, with consistent attendees yay! I really enjoy getting insights from our future selves during the second meditative part of the workshops.
  15. The topic for August in Bold Life Brotherhood is INTIMACY. I’ve had a preview of the material. Very powerful!
  16. I’ve successfully not bought sweet delicious GALBO white chocolate for six days. I remind myself of a Twelve Step program.
  17. Simon reminded me I can get an unlimited data plan and self broadcast during my walk to Nagano. That simplifies things a lot. I’ve been wanting to change to another phone because this one is getting slow at times.
  18. I’ve had one outdoor walking meditation walkshop since covid paused everything. Yuna joined and we walked mindfully in Shinjuku Gyoen. Oh, that was the day I walked to the station after Noborito (across the river)
  19. Each time I place the cursor on the large textarea in my Quill page, the page scrolls so that I cannot see the cursor. I guess it’s something I can fix by removing some JS crap because I don’t think it happens on other pages.
  20. When I’m on the train and it gets too loud for my ears to be happy, I am quick to block the noise with fingers in my ears. I’m happy I do that even though no one else does.
  21. Tariq and I have been working on ConSwi for some years now; the ball is in my proverbial court to finish some programming. He and Dipendra have nearly finished the accompanying book.
  22. I got a new prescription for eye glasses that is not as strong as before and will hopefully make it easier for me to use my computer with glasses on. I need to take that prescription to a glasses place soon before it expires.
  23. For most of the COVID downtime, I didn’t write many journal entries. The number slowly crept up over the months. Very curious to me why that happened even though I ostensibly had more time.
  24. Having Quill and Micropub set up is allowing me to get more entries written, and perhaps thereby making things harder for Travis to keep up. ;-)
  25. I think Lin and Yumi are talking about us all getting together soon, but I haven’t heard details recently.
  26. Mai of MR is back in her hometown up north while waiting for her visa to come through. We are planning to see her at the end of this month then after that might be さよなら.
  27. I recently saw that Ally and Sally are doing well at their thing. I thought they might have fallen off the map because their old website was down but it seems they are still working hard.
  28. Our cherry tree in the front yard had been growing. I’m super sad the guy at the place lopped the top off the tree. As he predicted it hasn’t grown up past that point, and as I predicted, it’s too short to grow above our roof. I wonder how I’ll feel about it in a few years.
  29. I planted a single loquat in our back garden, potentially too close to our house. I planted it maybe two months ago and it’s got two leaves now and a little bit growing above them.
  30. After my lesson in Akihabara I have just arrived back at our station so I’ll end it here and head back home on my bicycle now. TJ Bike!