02 Aug 2020, 17:43

great time with Shraddhan after SOGO

Shraddhan met me after SOGO and I really enjoyed getting to walk around with him, taking in the sights of ever-changing Harajuku. I took him to Harry’s Sandwich Co where I tried the Kamau, with mushrooms instead of onions, and really liked it! We hung out there for a bit then wandered toward Omotesando, near which Shraddhan showed me Design Festa Gallery, which I had never seen before.

I feel asleep during a little live show there and then Shraddhan showed me some of the small exhibits.

Walked up to the other end of Omotesando and stopped by Raizin R 番地 and got three free energy drinks in exchange for reading a simple description of them. I conceded that it was worth it, and gave Shraddhan “1 point”.

2020 aug 02 raizin landscape 2020 aug 02 raizin portrait

We headed to Nogizaka by way of a couple of detours to look at architecture and other interesting bits. (“some of these windows are curved in while some are curved out”, “do you think they built this wall from the low end first or the high end first?“, “how do these shops survive with no customers?“, and “this building apparently was someone’s house”)

In the park near Nogizaka Station I saw a pretty decent sized snake!