01 Aug 2020, 05:42

Dream cleaning room then late for school
05:42 Saturday 01 August 2020 JST

Cleaning my room, I found some dangerous chemicals like phosphorous from my days as an anarchist. Some of the phosphorous had spilled and I wondered how to clean it up. If only I had paid attention in chemistry, it would be easy with maybe some lemon juice or other household acids.

My alarm went off and I realized I was late for school! I ran into the other room while stripping off my pajamas to take a shower and then realized I would have to use the same undies again because I couldn't go streaking through the house after my shower and I didn't know where my clean clothes were.

I couldn't remember what class I was in first, nor what time it started. Was 9:45 late? Why would my alarm have been set so as to make me late? Lin and her mom heard me from the other room and looked over to see what I was doing. I feigned sleep/death (^) and she came over to see if I was okay (^) "Babychan! Babychan!" and then I leaped up to life and woke up.

(^) as per our irl joke