31 Jul 2020, 06:22

dream listening to song called blessed man

I went to a shop to check out a video which they had not converted to DVD. It was still only available on VHS. It was wrong video from a party of some sort. Some people were playing hacky sack maybe.

I went back to the room I was in and fortunately they had a VHS player still set up. I put the video on with the intention to watch it in the background, knowing that it was raw footage and would take a long time for anything interesting to happen.

Maggie and I were hanging out and in the background she was playing an album that I loved. Song was "" from Pig's album Sinsation, sounding like a soundscape of mechanical nature.

My girlfriend was with us and heard a strange noise that sounded something like thunder rolling. She was like "what's that?" and I said "that's the song."

She wanted to see the album, so we went into the other room where the album was playing on vinyl. Molly had been in the room but wasn't there when we went in.

I opened the closet and saw the record playing and picked up the album cover next to it. I could not recognize this song name from the list. (*) then Maggie pointed out that it was this song called "Blaisset Maim" and I realized that it must mean "blessed man" in some latin-based language and I wondered if the song was about Jesus.