30 Jul 2020, 06:23

dream watched tornado and old tree

There had been a tornado that destroyed a something and we or on top of a roof when we saw it coming. I recommended we hide inside the roof so we started to rip off the roof layers so we could get inside but there were lots of bugs so we got off the roof and tried to hide somewhere. Giselle kind of chastised me for even trying to hide on the roof, saying that she knew immediately she had to get somewhere safer. Lots of people were inside and worried about the tornado. I decided to go back outside and there happened to be another tornado forming, so I laid down on the ground so I could watch it.

There was a old sacred tree that was owned by the British Parliament and I watched as the tree was ripped cleanly from its roots. There were about four different trunks and though I was worried about being hurt I wasn’t hurt and the trunks or lifted by the wind some of which were crushed into each other and I was worried about being blown away and realized I didn’t have anything to grab onto. but fortunately I was okay.

The tornado dissolved and I went excitedly back inside and shared the story then realized that no one had recorded it and it was a dream so even if they had it wasn’t being recorded for real. I went back outside the next morning and there were some reporters in the area. I offered to share my eyewitness story but only if they recorded it.

They agreed and one person had a camera to record another was transcribing by hand. I couldn’t see what she was writing, but she seemed to be writing for each sentence that I spoke, but after a while she got tired and wanted to stop and have her friend take over transcribing.

I was concerned about the continuity but I couldn’t really do anything about it. I kept telling the story but then forgot some details and hoped they would believe it was a true story and not the case and I was making it up.

Then some of my friends had a camera and I laid down to show them how I had laid down but at this point we were on a different road farther away from the intersection because some type of crew had come to the tree to do repair or something.