29 Jul 2020, 05:11

Dream store museum

Last night I dreamt

I arrived at the apple store to see their new door sized displays. I went into the entrance and realized I didn't have a shirt. The bouncer woman behind glass have me a t shirt that turned into a collar shirt as I put it on.

I thanked her and she laughed to get friend as I put on the shirt. I kind of narrated the process of putting it on as it changed from t shirt to button shirt.

Going inside the heavy opaque door, I emerged into a museum where the sculptures had no border around them. People could touch things but only the staff were touching them, continuously cleaning the sculptures to the point it was hard to find one that didn't have a cleaner working on it.

I went upstairs to see something I had missed and then went back down and through a heavy opaque door, I walked into the room and my friend the bouncer woman was pulling me into an exclusive party inside the middle of the store.

The room was larger on the inside and I started thinking about Dr Who TARDIS and made a backstory of why he mocked people who entered the TARDIS for the first time. He was mocked as a child for not understanding the mathematics behind the room so forever mocked those who were surprised upon entry.