28 Jul 2020, 15:58

Livestreamed 2 hours Marble Track 3

Today, in about 2 hours 10 minutes, I took five (5) frames for the Marble Track 3 Construction movie.

G Choppy is poised to cut the first bit of the Second Bridge support from the chopstick Reversible Guy has recently stood up straight.

I figured out how to deal with Little Brother who was startled by G Choppy. He’s doing an ultra backbend at the ankles and will kinda flip down from there somehow.

As the stage has been rotating, big brother’s foot just now hit the piece G Choppy cut from the 11th Placed Outer Spiral Support, which has been suspended in mid air since the cut. Now that it has hit something, I’ll have it fall down.

Mr McGlue is moving forward to glue the Triple Splitter Medium Catcher Ridge which big brother is putting in place.

Meanwhile, the small orange marble has hit a support near the Lower Zig Zag 1F, and had begun to careen of the track, with Pinky soon to follow.

Oh and I determined Candy Mama will go help unload the chopsticks from Backpack Jack. Having her unload them makes more sense than him magically floating off them.