22 Jul 2020, 21:52


I haven’t written recently so here are some things:

  • One man in one of my circles is in the hospital for surgery regarding his hearing. I am thinking about him now.

  • Another man in one of my circles is in the hospital regarding cancer check. I am thinking of him now.

  • Another man in one of my circles has started researching ways he can volunteer toward reducing suicides. Awesome.

  • A small grove of trees near our house was recently converted to a small block of stumps. It was called “Our City’s 50 Trees” or something.

  • I’ve been walking each week though not each morning. Essentially preparing to walk to Niigata in April next year.

  • Yesterday (a Tuesday) was my first lesson at a new JB location (for me) in Aoyama. I can just make it home in time for MKP meeting at 7pm. The lesson was fine, featuring 9 students, including Ai-chan, a student I know from a different lesson that hasn’t resumed since Corona paused things. One great thing is that the organizer of the lesson said I could enter their office barefoot. I’m certainly willing to take him up on that!

  • Tomorrow (a Thursday) I will be back at SCC for my first lessons there since Corona paused things. It will be three consecutive hours of lessons, so a bit intense.

  • After the SCC lessons, I will meet Tariq in Kawasaki to talk about the latest ConSwi. I finally figured out how to fix the bug that was causing screen clicks to be incorrectly converted to a tile location. (floor --> ceil)

  • Right now I’m arriving in Kawasaki station and will be headed to JB for 5 nearly-consecutive lessons.

  • Lin and I are going to CE’s cabin in August. We may end up moving to the area within three years.

  • Each morning starting July 2nd, I have led a 30 minute event to help align our daily progress with our hearts’ long term focus. Gratitude to Sh and Sh for regular attendance! Hopefully Yuri will be able to join again soon.

  • Bold Life Brotherhood meetings have been going well as well. Weekly on Mondays since April. C is helping invite people.

  • This morning I joined Mark and Scotty leading a group of men who will facilitate new MKP Open Circles. I expect the experience will give me some sort of ideas or otherwise augment the MKP Tokyo circle.

  • I forgot to bring my KUMON Japanese study pages today, but I got a good start on today’s quota (5 pages) this morning.

  • First two lessons today at JB were fun. In the second, they saw the play money AND wanted to collect it, so I incorporated today’s vocabulary word “draw” and taught them the word “million” as we drew millions of yen.

  • I bought thunderrabbit@hey.com and have apparently thereby locked it in for life. I still use Gmail to send email until I can use Hey to send from my robnugen.com address.

  • Apparently Japan has officially lifted the concerns about Corona. Nice.

  • Feeling happy after finishing work today. I walked to Kawasaki station from JB and tried to maintain mindfulness of my surroundings while walking. I mindfully annoyedly bought Galbo white chocolate cookie snacks from the conveni. Dang they are delicious!

  • My upcoming salary for this past month of work will nearly be up to pre covid levels. Once SCC lessons are back on, I think I’ll be back to same pay as February / March.

  • I’m super curious to know why (if) I haven’t been writing as many journal entries as before covid. It sure seems like less for some reason.

  • I had a cool dream the other night, including flying and plunging down into the ground to the B4 floor of a building. I had to sneak in to a supply room and found some of my very own old clothes that I thought had been lost. I put on the clothes and blended in well enough as there were always new people in the building.

  • Jimmy offered a neat interpretation of the dream including that the old clothes are my own old currently-unused skills.

  • This entry is being written in my phone and will be added to my journal entry repo via Quill.