05 Jul 2020, 12:52

Headed to Machida

I’m headed to Machida to meet my KUMON Japanese teacher.

I have finished 50 of 200 pages she gave me last time (Unit E, I think). Today we are meeting sooner than normal because we couldn’t find a workable time ~20 days from our last meeting. It’s also a chance for her to bring the kanji practice pages that I had previously requested.

The only downside of KUMON for me is that the writing is so dang small. I cannot fully see the details of complex kanji. I bought a Grampa Lamp with light and magnifying glass, but it’s still a bit of a clumsy setup.”

PS: This is the first entry I wrote with Quill, which wrote it directly to my repo via my test server. It was written to the data/ directory, but it’s a start.