28 Jun 2020, 10:12

getting skippys minimal php micropub endpoint on my dreamhost shared hosting site
(written 10:12 Monday 29 June 2020 JST)

I installed a test version of my website at https://hugotest.plasticaddy.com/ I have not yet written how I did that, but it wasn’t too hard.

I used Skippy’s minimal PHP Micropub endpoint on my hugotest site by cloning it into the public/ folder of the site. (1)

Just a few tweaks to Skippy’s PHP Micropub endpoint config file, summarized with the command to rebuild the site:

/home/dhusername/bin/hugo --quiet --config /home/dhusername/barefoot_rob/config.toml -s /home/dhusername/barefoot_rob/ -d /home/dhusername/hugotest.plasticaddy.com/

I was able to get some “stuff” posted via Aaron Parecki’s Micropub client Quill notes, but I could not get the editor to work; it is apparently not sending the token, which is pretty surprising.

I will try to install Quill tomorrow.

(1) actually it is at /home/dhusername/hugotest.plasticaddy.com/micropub where /home/dhusername/hugotest.plasticaddy.com/ is the website root.