24 Jun 2020, 09:09

walked this morning

(written 14:09 Wednesday 24 June 2020 JST)

This morning I walked along another new route. Amazing how many there are, all so close to our house! I walked up the hill and along the ridge toward the right, then after the road split into one-way each way, I went down some stairs into the valley, wound my way around in there, and found myself all the way at the train tracks beyond the train station near our house. Walked away from the tracks and basically back up the other side of the valley and back home.

This is the walk during which I stole (?) a piece of rubble from a construction site that could possibly work as a flat surface on which I solder wire marble track tracks. I got home and started to wash and shape it up but it broke (it was already the minimum size that could work) and now I’m like hmmm maybe I won’t use it.

Pics coming soon?