24 Jun 2020, 14:15

pics coming soon

I have a server (https://b.robnugen.com) dedicated to serving binary content (as opposed to text). Basically pictures (and some PDFs and a couple of MP3s probably).

For some years I have been poking at the idea of being able to upload from my phone named images, into specific directories. (I can settle for hardcoding the directory to make it easier to start.) I have recently found MicroPub and beginning to grok that as a possible way to help solve this.

I have just found Known which apparently runs on Dreamhost, so I’m going to check it out.

18:55 Saturday 27 June 2020 JST

I abandoned Known pretty quickly when I saw it is its own website. I just want a server that can update my Hugo site. I found skpy/micropub which looks to do what I want, to close approximation, if not exactly.

I set up skpy/micropub at http://hugotest.plasticaddy.com/micropub and it is doing some of the right things, but not all of them. One reason may be that the SSL certificate is a temporary self-signed cert. I don’t know why Let’s Encrypt is taking so long (hours now) to approve the certificate. I guess the new subdomain’s DNS entry came through for me but not them??

22:11 Saturday 27 June 2020 JST

The correct SSL certificate seemed to help, or maybe it was because I put the correct URL in the config file. hmmm. I have gotten some data files to be sent from Quill and then saved via skpy/micropub as data files. For some reason Indigenous is not sending the authentication token. Weird.

Anyway, bedtime now.