24 Jun 2020, 13:55

Hey, hey, getting things done with my two best friends

Strangely, I feel unsettled today without having fully written a TODO list in my little todo list book. I started it, but didn’t finish it, so today I have been just doing things that I think are reasonable instead of referring back to what younger me suggested I do.

A younger me might have just written “I” instead of “younger me.” I am intrigued with the concept of time and having two best friends, a past self (younger) that did things for me, and a future self (older) for whom I do things.

Seems that one version of younger me slacked on writing a TODO list, so maybe I will do that now. Oh wow; I don’t have the book with me now. Dang younger me!

It appears that younger me did mail Ma’s birthday card as I have a receipt in my wallet that was created at the time of the transaction.

Younger me also made some fixes to the Folio Gallery code, allowing me to navigate to subdirectories (but not yet back up). Oh, and he also removed thumbs/ from the subdirectory list. Nice work, younger me!

How long do I last in this setup? I was just about to look for links to the Issues to link them above and then a browser tab reminded me that Younger Me was looking at Hey, a new UI for email, by 37 Signals team. It’s only been a couple of days, and I sorta kinda can see how I feel relaxed with a cool inbox zero feeling that I was never quite able to achieve with the Read/Unread paradigm.