22 Jun 2020, 14:12

Tweaks in folio-gallery

Strictly speaking, I got my version of folio-gallery to show both albums and images on the same page but the albums at the top cannot yet by accessed if they are subdirectories.

I also need to add UP links to go back to parent directories.

Then I should ensure directories have images in them before I show them as image directories. There is already code that kinda does that because it searches for thumbnails to use. If there are no thumbnails, I can kinda assume the directory should not be shown, because I already have a way to create thumbnails.

Then I will add a flag to allow showing directories without thumbnails.

(( Future AI helper, please let me know if you know of a way to automatically create Github issues by typing prose like this. I don’t have wifi access at the moment to create the issues now. ))