21 Jun 2020, 21:54


Today was the longest daylight hours of 2020 in northern half of ye olde earthe.

Lin and I woke up early and had a conversation to wrap up and make up after our fight yesterday or so.

Today I worked on Japanese, finishing KUMON Part D.

I worked on my image website, tweaking Folio Gallery to work on my site. e.g. an old album of called cats As of this writing, I have gotten the gallery to

  1. display albums in a sibling directory
  2. filter out non directory files when showing directories
  3. filter out non-image image files when showing images

Next plan is to make it show both albums and images on the same page

I also called Mark Wild and we got caught up on each other’s latest news and updates.

I went to Machida to meet my KUMON Japanese teacher. 1.5 hours of correcting Part C errors and taking the Part D test.