20 Jun 2020, 20:49

First try soldering stainless steel wire

After watching this video once

I decided that looked like something I could do!

I bought some wire (wrong gauge) and bent it into the shape of the track I wanted. Also clipped some track ties to keep it the right width.

2020 june wire track plan and ties

I also bent the wire into a holder for the soldering iron.

2020 june soldering iron holder 1

The shop did not have a soldering iron, so the next week, I bought that along with some more wire (thinner gauge)

2020 june wire solder clippers iron

Wonderfully, the iron fit perfectly into my holder.

2020 june soldering iron fits perfectly

But I could see the handle was too heavy to not have its own holder.

2020 june soldering iron handle holder 2020 june soldering iron holder with iron

I tried to solder the holder together and it was pretty bad.

2020 june soldering wire first attempt horrible

I watched this video and immediately upped my soldering skills.

2020 june soldering wire after watch video 2020 june soldering iron holder other side 2020 june soldered wire ends butt together

So then I soldered a little bit of track.

2020 june marble on wire track 2020 june soldered first track rails

Totally beyond my skills to solder this shape for now.

2020 june trying to solder this curvy thing NG

For funsies, I made a new soldering iron holder with cage

2020 june single piece of wire new holder with cage