14 Jun 2020, 22:40

Great time in Nagano with Lin

Lin found a house in Nagano that she really likes. If everything were up to her, we would simply sell this place and move there.

I am not ready to uproot myself from Tokyo, where I have built my men’s circle for several years, plus myriad friends via Meetup.

Using Tora as a litmus test, I know some relationships can survive such a move, but I am still not ready.

I am still sore from the anonymous person who apparently knew me and e-yelled at me for encouraging Lin to follow her dream to move to Thailand, so I feel some fear in writing that I encourage Lin to follow her dream and move to Nagano.

She wants to have goats and chickens.

The house has some cool qualities, including being built 150 years ago, and partially remodeled 10 years ago.

Frogs dominated the conversation at night. I photographed one in the morning.

2020 june 14 hello frog

We walked around the area and saw cool stuff.

2020 june 14 lin walking 2020 june 14 my feet were here 2020 june 14 nice view 2020 june 14 high river 2020 june 14 hmm cell tower

Yay outdoor sink to wash my feet and nice breakfast including homemade jam.

2020 june 14 washing foot 2020 june 14 breakfast homemade jam

It’s apparently a 4 hour, 10,000 yen commute by train to JB, so it wouldn’t really be worthwhile to continue working there.