12 Jun 2020, 17:56

Climbed my tree twice today

I didn’t go for a walk this morning, but I climbed my tree twice today and even brought some snips to remove thorny vines from the area below the tree.

I’ve just been questioning how to follow my heart and allow for abundance in my life. I have an abundance of trees, bamboo, leaves, mosquitos, bird song, fresh air, and tummy rubbing options with our cat Jennie. So grateful for all of those!

I also have an abundance of time on my schedule Mondays and Fridays. I offer a free session to anyone who wants to talk about something. Anything you need to get off your chest. I am not a counselor or doctor of any variety. I have years of experience listening to people who need to talk.

First session is free! I guarantee in just thirty minutes you will feel lighter, happier, readier to go about your day.


What was the best thing about this course/Class What did you learn about yourself in this class or course…. What was the biggest surprise about this class What’s the best thing about working with Rob What do you have going forward after taking this class/course
 What would you say to someone considering taking this class?
 Before this class, I was hesitant about taking it because….