03 Jun 2020, 23:56

State of My Life Address

(started 23:56 Wednesday 03 June 2020 JST)

  1. Very curious to me that I have been writing less in my journal while ostensibly having more time to do whatever I want during this COVID stuff.
  2. After we did lessons online for 5 of the past 8 weeks, I just went back to JB School today for 4 lessons today. I had the option of sitting behind a clear sheet hanging from the ceiling, but I felt claustrophobic behind it and just opted to wear a mask.
  3. I seem to have gotten a scratch on my eye from fiber from my mask. Very annoying.
  4. I am planning to walk to Niigata. Now that I have found a way across the mountains and found Dragondola, I am getting super excited about the walk.
  5. I wrote an entry for George Floyd
17:56 Monday 08 June 2020 JST
  1. After writing the entry, I saw some interesting evidence that the murder may have been faked, and lots of rioting has been amplified by paid shills and free bricks delivered to peaceful demonstration locations.
  2. I have been visiting “my” tree semi regularly as a place to chill. Today I even did some planning for ConSwi scoring system. Last time Tariq, Dipendra, and I met, I came up with a new way to calculate the scores.
  3. In Bold Life Brotherhood, we are now in the month of June, focusing on RIGOR.
  4. For AB, I have gotten rid of at least 3 singletons, and am down to 2 remaining in the codebase. I have not yet figured out how to convert SiteHandler, but ErrorHandler will be converted to non-singleton soon. I actually did not notice ErrorHandler was a singleton because I had been searching for extends \Pattern\Singleton but ErrorHandler came from a different source and has its singleton aspects right in the class definition.
  5. Mai has been hanging out with us occassionally since COVID; it has been great to have a friend living close by. Richard moved first back to his home country and now they are waiting for Mai’s visa to be approved.
  6. While walking in the mornings, I found a neat house at the top of a hill which uses the shape of the hill to give a window to an otherwise underground room.
20:21 Tuesday 16 June 2020 JST
  1. I have been walking in the mornings recently, ostensibly preparing for my planned walk to Niigata in April 2021. I can walk for an hour before I really notice any tiredness. I think I could walk an hour four or five times in a day (with breaks) and maintain my planned schedule.
  2. Marble Track 3 is going well. I have been spending 2 hours per week livestreaming the animation of its construction. Today I actually did 1.4 hours, so I want to make up the rest by the end of the week.
  3. I just recently started the idea of making a marble tracks out of wire, after watching a video explaining how to do it with simple tools. I was like “wow!” and “I can do that!” while hoping I can actually do it. I bought some stainless steel wire from a hardware shop on the way to JB. Today I bought some piano wire from a shop I found by following inspiration at each turn.