29 May 2020, 18:01

ConSwi new scoring system
  • Pass each Dog level L by saving L() Dogs. Bears don’t count.
  • Get up to three stars per level by swiping specific shapes. Any animal counts. (saves me a lot of programming)
  • Decide with Dipendra how the two requirements and scores will be displayed on the game screen.

I wrote the above after untangling an issue we have had with ConSwi for some time. How do people pass each level? Until now, the code has been written that users can pass a level by collecting all the swipes. Tariq wanted to make it simply a certain number of pieces collected.

Now by making those two separate scores, it solves another problem we had, wondering how to decide how many stars the user gets for passing the level.

Num Stars will be floor(3 * (Number of Correct Shapes) / (Total Shapes Requested))

To actually pass the level, they just need to swipe shapes. Any shape will do, so long as it’s at least 3 connected pieces.