28 May 2020, 08:37

testing lbry.tv as a possible backup for MT3 videos

I just found out about lbry.tv (after someone apparently got their YT account hacked due to some bogus copyright infringement shite.) I have had bogus copyright strikes before, and since YT has like 400 hours of video uploaded per minute, I can understand they don’t have enough humans to check all that content. Fair enough.

I already pay YT to get rid of ads and be able to play audio only with my phone closed.

Anyway, apparently this lbry.tv site has a reward system and I can get a taste of the content if I prove I am a human. I wrote to their humanity-checking bot


and the bot replied something like


and I took a screenshot and tagged it to prove it’s mine.

For some reason that rhymes with rocrastination, I have decided to do all this instead of just point them to my FB profile at https://www.facebook.com/thunderrabbit