20 May 2020, 10:41

Great time introducing Marble Tracks 1, 2 and 3

Super great time today sharing about MT3; about 15 people attended, plus all three of Maggie’s girls!

In the first 30 minutes I introduce Marble Track 3, and the last 30 minutes Maggie and them introduce Marble Tracks 2 and 1. Super great to have their support!

HIRO 23:04 1.2million views!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlUqu6QE7bw

HIRO 41:25 Amazing creative work Rob!! Love it and was inspired. First time seeing your creative work in action!! I’m glad I got to see a bit of it! Got plans from 10am so will see you soon!!

Colleen Griffith 01:12:48 I love your creations! I have to log off but this is so cool and I’m so in awe of your creativity and patience for these projects! Keep creating, Homey G Rob dawg! Your engineering mind is truly awesome!

ROBERT GOLDEN 01:14:21 This is mind blowing. sort of like a Swiss clock brought to fantasy land. congrats!

Dai Williams 01:16:16 Thanks Rob! see you later :D