08 May 2020, 09:32

Walked yesterday and today

I have begun to walk again in the mornings. I have posted on FB my idea of walking to Niigata. I have begun to plot out some potential waypoints for the route.

So far, I have plotted waypoints for 5+ hours to walk to Seibuen Amusement Park


Seibuen Amusement Park to Tennenonsen Kachofugetsu Hot Spring via Miyamae Park, nico rico, and 5 other stops in Google Maps.


Tennenonsen Kachofugetsu Hot Spring to 鳩山町文化会舘 via Ikejiriike Park, Takakurakofuku Temple, and 6 other stops in Google Maps.


鳩山町文化会舘 to 薪石窯PIZZA たんぽぽ via Kamigarako, Kamigarako, and 3 other stops


薪石窯PIZZA たんぽぽ to Niigata Station via Lockheart Castle and Prefectural Gunma Observatory


Though I have decided to not stop at Lockheart Castle, I have not yet figured out a way to embed maps on my site. Working on that now. The Google maps API allows “only” 20 waypoints on a map.

06:34 Saturday 04 July 2020 JST

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