28 Apr 2020, 19:57

past couple days

For some reason I don’t write journal entries as much during this covid faux lockdown. I think it’s because I am always on my computer with no downtime per se. It’s like everything is just a long slow blur of sameness as I go through my days. I have been doing meditations in the morning but then it’s just either on computer blahhh.

That reminds me I hadn’t finished my task for this morning to write the things that block me from receiving materially or in any aspects of abundance.

  • perfectionism.
  • fear of letting people down
  • fear of angering others
  • unfounded fear of dying alone
  • laziness?

Great news: I got a pretty big changeset done on AB, and it went over with only one mistake which I was able to fix pretty quickly (because I had fixed similar issues (and should have fixed before moving stuff online (because I had fixed similar issues))).

The change basically encapsulated all but one of the occurrences of ($_SESSION) with the class \Mlaphp\Request from Paul Jones book MLAPHP, which has helped me a whole lot in getting this project up to modern standards. MLAPHP and Phan/Phan which has helped catch a lot of static errors.

Go get the book if you have a big PHP project to wrangle into clarity.