17 Mar 2020, 09:05

Using Zoom today for Tokyo MKP meeting

Watching Japanese news this morning I was not surprised to see somber silent reporting of European countries that are shutting things down and encouraging testing as the best way to prevent spread.

Then the music kicked in as a giant Olympics logo filled the screen “but everything is fine for the Olympics!”

I wrote the above to our LINE group for Tokyo Men’s Circle

One man replied to the group

good morning men, I've been thinking about this for a while and I
lacked the courage to propose it. Thank you Rob for voicing it
out. The Japanese goverment (and specificaly Abe) doesn't care
about corona virus because it simply won't help him get reelected
and certainly doesnt want his name attached to this topic. [1] The
people in the goverment are there because they belong to ruling
families, none of them had to commute in a busy, smelly rush hour
train nor live in a smaller than a prison cell apartments. Abe
spent 12 minutes on average during 13 meetings with the so called
corona virus unit. We spend more time talking in the elevator
after our weekly meetings. Anyway thats a long rant. For the
proposal, I judge if we move to Zoom we would be playing our duty
in controling the spread of corona virus. Shinjuku is the busiest
station in the world and the probability of getting in contact
with someone infected is high. to put it in perspective. it may be
the highest probability among all the stations in the world. Japan
is lying about the number of cases. they are not testing enough
people and if anyone shows with mild symptoms he is sent home to
self quarantine. Our meeting is important and i attended online
MKP group and I found it as useful as the circle we have.

He said it better than I could. We are going to meet online tonight.

Another man has offered up his Zoom room because he has a Pro account. I feel grateful for the community chipping in to make us all a bit safer.

[1] https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/26/opinion/coronavirus-japan-abe.html