16 Mar 2020, 17:45

worked today a day in which everything is fine

Today I worked in Akihabara at OT. First of 10 every-other-week 2 hour lessons from now to July.

The Internet says the world is in pandemic pandemonium, but everything looks normal here as far as I can see. Am I just seeing the shallow side of the hockey stick curve?

None of my lessons have been cancelled. For that I am grateful.

Today’s lesson was fine; I sorta got everyone’s name by the end. 12 students.. let’s see:

  1. Masa
  2. Takuro
  3. Kazuo
  4. Hiroshi
  5. Maino
  6. Yoko
  7. Katsuhiro
  8. Daisuke
  9. Taka
  10. Ma
  11. Keiji
  12. Takuya

Bingo, that is twelve. Good job, brain!